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Mar 23, 2007 10:21 AM

Dublin - Old Town Cafe Singaporean Cafe - Pulled Tea (Teh-Tarik)

So has anyone tried this place yet?

Just last week I was asking about pulled tea on the General Board.

Today's Contra Costa Times was about this two-month old restaurant ... the first of the Asian restaurants to open in the new Ulferts Center.

Checking out the website ... there's the pulled tea.

According to the CCTimes first-time restaurant "Owner Pasit Raviruchiphun ... grew up in Singapore, compares the menu to a food court in Singapore, where choices are endless."

The article says the owner is hoping to turn this into a chain some day.

Don't know much about that, but if anyone has tried it and the food is good, I'd drive over there to try the pulled tea.

Old Town Cafe

4288 Dublin Blvd.
Unit 109
Dublin, CA 94568


Hours - Daily:
11 a.m.- 3 p.m.
5 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

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    1. re: kc72

      Thanks. I tune out for the Dublin restaurants. Gives me an idea on what to order. I think I'll trek over there and try it ... unless anyone knows of pulled tea in SF, Marin or the Berkeley/Oakland part of the East Bay.

    2. Has anyone had the laksa here? I'd be interested in trying that, if only they weren't so far from me.

      EDIT: Hmm, at least this place looks to be close to the D/P BART station...

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      1. re: shortexact

        Yahoo says it's 1.4 miles from the BART station. So it's a short drive for someone parked there, or a reasonable bike ride, but a good 30 minute walk.

        1. re: redrover

          You know, that's what I thought too at first, but the distance calculation is misleading I think. If you look at the satellite image of this area on Google Maps, the actual location of the BART station looks to be much closer to the restaurant than 1.4 miles -- it actually looks to be more like a half mile. This is just a guess from staring at the satellite image, though. Perhaps someone who has been there already can confirm one way or the other, though.

      2. Service has steadily improved, and the food remains outstanding. Loved the Satay Udon.

        1. I was out in Dublin today. Convinced my ride to drive past here before dropping me at the BART station. There was a line of folks waiting outside at 6:30pm, looks very popular. And, it's one of the few places in the new center that looked fully open for business.

          1. Thanks to your post, I went there for lunch today. Tried the beef rendang (asked for it "extra spicy") and the pulled tea. Pulled tea not quite as awesome as I had hoped, but good. Beef rendang was awesome. I described it as Indian curry meets Texas BBQ. It was a little smokey/sweet with lots of cloves (picked a few out), and a decent amount of heat. Might ask for it "extra-extra spicy" next time, but there will definitely be a next time. I'm also curious about some of the other places. Is this supposed to be a whole asian-themed strip mall? Never seen it before. Anyway, serivce was great, interior was really nice and their open until 3 for lunch which is great because I take late lunches a lot.

            The people sitting next to me were also there for the first time, and after I completely polished off my meal (don't worry, plenty of food for your money, I was starving and I can be a pig) they shared their left overs with me, so I tried a noodle dish with bean sauce (would order it extra-spicy myself, but it was delicious), pineapple fried rice that actually came in a half pineapple as the serving vessel, and some noodle dish with a white sauce and various meat items that was pretty good. I'm curious to try their satay, it looked good from what other people were having. Free soup for lunch when you eat there, today was a (supposedly) spicy veggie soup with those little tiny brown mushrooms in it; it was pretty good. Even the little gringo-friendly salad that comes with the meal at lots of asian restaurants had a tasty peanut dressing, better than the usual. I really enjoyed this place and will be back next week, thanks for the tip, rw!

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            1. re: Ozumo

              I had been under the impression that it wouldl be a pan-Asian mall with a store like Ranch 99 or Lion as the anchor tenant. But driving by today, I can't figure out where a large grocery store would fit. Sizewise, the whole footprint is a bit larger than Ulferts in Milpitas, but not nearly as large as the Milpitas Ranch 99 center up the street. The sign at the entrance promises Koi Garden and Kee Wah, but I didn't spot those names on any of the storefronts in progress. This was just a drive-by though, so it would have been easy to miss. House of Sake seemed open, saw signage for Osaka Ramen, Vin Pearl and Abba Grill that looked like they were close to opening.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Speaking of 99 Ranch, anyone know if that's still coming to Dublin, and if so, when? I'm tired of having to go all the way to Richmond!

                1. re: Ozumo

                  Here's a link to the Ulferts Center website, no inkling of a large supermarket as far as I can tell.

                  Would Fremont's Ranch 99 be any closer to you?

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    There's actually supposed to be one opening on Regional St in Dublin (it's even on the 99 Ranch web site), but the reason I asked if it was still coming was because someone posted a little while back that they heard Safeway somehow vetoed it from happening, but that was never confirmed, so I was just wondering if anyone knew for sure what's going on. And I live in Walnut Creek but work in Pleasanton, and my girlfriend lives in Hercules, so the Richmond one is currently most convenient for me.

                  2. re: Ozumo

                    There was a report within the past couple of months that said there was going to be 2 Asian markets opening up in the San Ramon area.

                    I know it may not be Dublin, but that would be fairly close.

                    1. re: Ozumo

                      According to the Tri-Valley Herald, the Ranch 99 Market will be opening at 7333 Regional Street in Dublin in August in an old Ralph's Supermarket. We drove by last weekend, and there was a hiring notice on the door.


                      "Next month, Alcosta Market — an independent Asian grocery store — is expected to open up in San Ramon on Alcosta Boulevard and Village Parkway."


                      1. re: Ozumo

                        Ranch 99 will be opening at the end of August 2007 at the former site of Ralph's in Dublin. Also, a new Asian market called Le Asia, will be opening in San Ramon and will be having a grand opening on August 18th 2007 at Alcosta Blvd and Village Parkway. This is at the former site of Ralph's in San Ramon. These will both be welcome additions to the Valley. This will save us from having to drive to Milpitas, Fremont, Richmond, or Oakland for Asian groceries. Yipee!!!

                      2. re: Melanie Wong

                        No grocery store in the Ulferts Center. Koi Garden (dim sum) will be upstairs on the west end. Also on the west end, Thai Basil Express opened two weeks ago. Fast food Thai, order at counter, brought to your table on paper plates. Cheap, food is OK, not gourmet. Also on that end, but not opened yet: Osaka Ramen, My Grill, and Vin Pearl Fine Vietnamese Cuisine.

                        On the other side (parallel to 580) Singapore Old Town Cafe, our favorite place in the tri-valley area. House of Sake, we call it House of Fake. Worst Japanese food we've ever had. No close second. On that same side not open yet: Soie Cafe, Halu Shabu Shabu, and Abba Gourmet Cal-Italian Grill.

                        Also in that center: furniture store, dentist, insurance, nails, hair. Around two-thirds of the store fronts are still empty. There will be a lot more.