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Mar 23, 2007 10:06 AM

Brunch in Bloor West

Hello Everyone,
I just thought I would mention that a pub called Bryden's in the Bloor West Village has a coupon for weekend brunch at their website. Looks like you just print it out and you are off to the races.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have had a couple pints there, but never eaten anything. The place has a great atmosphere, but I cannot vouch for the quality of the brunch. I just figured people might want to give brunch a try with a discounted price and judge for themselves (maybe post a review here, hint, hint)...

Ann G.

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  1. I've eaten there...and the the regular menu is very good for a pub...but the brunch is pretty average...the omelette is cool it has unlimted ingredients

    1. Forgot to mention...Toro is open for brunch and has a pretty good one too...just down the street from Bryden's...cant miss the big ugly brunch sign

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      1. re: BloorWestie...

        The original poster mentioned a website... this is it:

        Hey BloorWestie, I like Toro too, but have never had brunch there. I think Toro has new management recently. Good food and service.

        1. re: highparkrunner

          I have gone to Bryden's once for brunch and will never go back as it was an awful experience...I can't remember much about the food except that there was copious amounts of oil/grease. Now their dinner menu on the other hand is a different experience altogether and highly recommended.

          1. re: Mikejor

            We live close to Brydens have eaten there many times...not for brunch but for afterwork snacks, dinners, etc. We've always found the food to be better than your average pub fare. The maple whiskey flavoured wings with sweet potato fries are fantastic.