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Mar 23, 2007 10:05 AM

Mythos (Fairfax)

Browsing the Clipper coupons in today's mail (it's what retired people do - clip coupons) and noticed Mythos, a Greek restaurant just west of Fairfax Circle. I can't quite place it from the map. I guess it used to be something else, or else has been there long enough so I've forgotten about it. Anyone been there?

Prices look just a tad high for what seems like a neighborhood restaurant, but not too bad if the food is great.

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  1. I'm not sure from the mapquest, either, but maybe the old Ground Round location?

    1. It is occupying the space that was Mama's restaurant.

      1. Actually, I met a friend there for lunch yesterday. However, they were still working on it and it is not yet open for business.

        We wound up having an absolutely delicious crabcake sandwich at Artie's, around the corner.

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        1. re: anni

          Guess it took them longer than they expected to get opened up. Well, I'll keep the coupons around and maybe the restaurant will be open before they expire. ;)

          1. re: anni

            That's very interesting. We had lunch at Mythos a few weeks ago. It looked finished to me at the time. The food was OK. Just OK

            Doesn't sound good.

            1. re: bacchante

              No kidding? At 11:45 there were only 2 cars in the lot, there was a sign up saying "hiring now" and the door was locked. How odd.

              1. re: anni

                I just called and they ARE open at lunch! I told him my experience and they just aren't getting much traffic so the employees are being told to park out front.

                I think I'll wait awhile and see what happens.

                1. re: anni

                  Well, I'm not going to wonder when it's not around anymore. Door locked at 11:45? It was OK, but not worth going to extremes just to get to eat.

          2. Yesterday, one of us had a craving for Greek food, but was getting over a cold and did not want to go far. Mythos seemed like a good choice ("how bad can it be?") so we went there with a friend. Three cars in the parking lot, obviously employee cars (dents, etc). "We will be the only people in there" I said.

            The final straw was the front door propped open with an orange cone, like the one used to warn people about spills. We went to Dolce Vita and had a wonderful time. On our way home (8:11 pm), we noticed that Mythos was closed for the evening.