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Mar 23, 2007 09:49 AM

Angus Beef Steakhouse - any opinions?

hi, can someone give opinions on Angus Beef Steakhouse please? there is very little information available on the net about it. Thanks!

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  1. No personal experience, but the place is the subject of quite an interesting review:

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    1. re: Mr F

      yeah saw that, but not much else except for that, which is starting to seem like a bad thing

      1. re: shotime10

        Tried their steaks twice, & I find their beef excellent(maybe even best in the city). The problem is their poor service. Their prices I find very very high, but on the same street as them is Queue de Cheval(the most expensive steakhouse in town). Whenever I've dine there & when I pass by it always seems empty, while Queue de Cheval is always busy.

    2. few years a ago, twice , the second try was worst than the first , since then Moishe's , the Q , Gibby's so many good steak houses in MTL that not worth a third chance.
      I will go to
      the above mentioned and
      Rib and Reef (great re discovery)
      even Vieux Port before visiting Beef Angus

      1. I ate there once. I used to work nearby and had a sensitive deal to discuss so we went there because we knew we would be alone. In fact, I had never seen a single customer there so I always assumed it was a front. But they apparently have some steak in the fridge in case somebody wanders in. It turned out to be quite good, in fact.