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Mar 23, 2007 09:39 AM

Strolling Magazine

I love all the funky funky stores on Magazine, and hope to spend a happy happy day wandering up and down, but if I'm going to bring my honey along, I'll have to have several places to stop for re-invigorating refreshments along the way--he dehydrates so easily.

So, any recommendations for places along Magazine St. with snacks, caffeine, and most important, micro-brewed beers? Any best spots for quaffing and people watching? this time next week, I may ~be~ in one of your recommended spots on Magazine. Look for the chowhound with the giddy, happy grin...

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  1. The bulldog is at a good location in between shops on magazine. They have several beer choices and good pub food as well. They also have an outdoor area that would be good to people watch. Enjoy!!

    1. The Bulldog is a no-brainer for what you are looking for....I would eat at Joey K's have an Abita there then head down to the Bulldog's patio to drink and people watch....the food at Joey K's is far superior.

      1. Yep, the Bulldog. A few blocks downtown of the Bulldog is Rue de la Course, a good local coffee shop chain. Next door to that is Sip, a wine store with tables out front if you care to imbibe right there. The Balcony Bar is also in that neighborhood, nothing special about the beer selection, but you can sit upstairs on the balcony.

        Then there's a long stretch of Magazine that's pretty residential, until you get up near Napoleon. Ms Mae's is an infamous, cheap dive bar on that corner (1/2 a block from Casamento's, if you need a dozen raw). Further on is Tee-Eva's stand for snowballs and other local delicacies, and La Boulangerie is just past that (french bakery).

        Another residential stretch, and you come to the corner of Jefferson, with both a CC's and a PJ's coffee shop in that block (and one of my favorite stores, Scriptura-- stationery, etc). Two more blocks to the Whole Foods, which has patio seating. At the corner of Nashville past that is another coffee shop, called Cafe Luna, I think. Keep going all the way to Audubon park, and get a coke at the Audobon Golf Course club.

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          Its a lot of wallking but I have done it a couple of times.

          There is also a new gelato place next to joey k's...also sip is wonderful and very reasonable and st. joe's bar is across from whole foods and has great mojitos and an ok beer selection.

          1. re: bbares81

            St Joes for a blueberry mojito...very good

            1. re: chef4hire

              Blueberry mojito? Oh, I think I'm in love...

              1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

                it won some kind of drink award - plus they have a nice courtyard- enjoy

        2. Allthough it is not on Magazine St. have you tried Cresent City Brewhouse for a fresh brewed beer? It is on Decatur St. and also has great oysters on the half shell.

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            I've been to Crescent City--it's a bit corporate-y, but their wheat beer is excellent. I do love a good wheat beer. I'll have to try the oysters too...

            1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

              Grab a shrimp po boy at Guy' in NO......