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Mar 23, 2007 09:10 AM

Picnic basket to go / Fairfax or DC

Looking to pick up a pre-made picnic basket for a special lunch date in a park in the DC area. Any markets/store specializing in this? Hoping not to have to do it myself, but pick it up ready to go. Can't seem to find anything here or elsewhere.

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  1. Can't think of anything offhand, but you could put together one heck of a pick-a-nick basket from going to the Italian store in Arlington.

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      I was going to say that. Or try Arrowine in Arlington for a good selection of meats, cheeses and wine.

    2. The food will be good at The Italian Store and Arrowine, but I don't think the presentation will be particularly glamorous. If you want a more turn-key picnic basket, call Wolftrap Park for the Performing Arts and ask who is preparing the picnic basket meals this season. Then, give that place a call.

      o Lebanese Taverna Market (Lee Hwy near Arrowine) is another possibility for excellent food, but it won't be very glamorous. Just the standard round plastic containers like IT and AW.

      Incidentally, if you purchase food at either Arrowine or Lebanese Taverna, swing past Pastries by Randolph for your dessert. Their Choclate Dreams (essentially brownies in the form of a cookie) and Almond Crescents would be a fabulous end to your picnic. You'd have to ask them about any of the pastries since you won't have refrigeration. While it's not that hot outside yet, the sun could produce unexpected consequences if you choose the wrong dessert.