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Alta tonight what shall I order!

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Going on a date tonight at Alta. I have been told about brussel sprouts, skirt steak and fried goat cheese. Others you like... thanks

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  1. the rabbit with pasta dish is delish! scallops were great, fois gras terrine uninspiring.

    1. the arancini and the spinach salad are both great!

      1. The bistilla of chicken confit, ceamy eggs, scallion with piri piri sauce, was really, really good. Lamb meatballs very good but a tiny dish, not good for sharing. We did split the paprika potato gratin, caramelized onions, piquillo, and manchego cheese and it was absolutely delicious. The pork ribs okay were only okay. One typo on the menu cracked me up, "sea scallops, artichoke puree, yuzu mayonnaise, ‘slamon’ caviar."

        That must have been some caviar.

        1. Bacon-wrapped dates and almonds. Chorizo-wrapped shrimp. They used to do an awesome take on hen of the woods mushrooms, but I don't see it on the menu anymore.

          1. I love the spinache salad - the flavors in the dressing and fruit in the salad were perfectly balanced.

            And we always order these delicious potatoes that are kinda smashed and then fried, served with creme fraiche and smoked trout, i believe.

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            1. ok i had a great date and mixed reviews with the food.
              1. skirt steak-mediocre-a little tough, overly citrusy crema with lime
              2, bacon wrapped dates-pretty good, not as strong as same dish at boqueria. a tad mushy
              3. "philly" cream cheese fried with truffle oil-very tasty, not too greasy
              4. flat bread with cheese-average
              5. flakey chicken roll- very good, good spicy dipping sauce
              6. brussel sprouts-caramelized, slighlty charred, very tasty

              drink-light and dark sangria. perfectly fine, not too sweet
              the room-great farmhouse-looking wood tables, great bi-level concept
              overall i would recommend alta, but with a measure of hesitation

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                fried goat cheese balls drizzled with honey!!!
                tuna tartare