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Mar 23, 2007 08:46 AM

Need a quiet BYO for dinner

We are organizing a dinner for my work team with our significant others - there will be about a dozen of us in total. We're going dutch and are looking for a not super pricey, low key BYOB with excellent food somewhere in the city. We work in University city but can go pretty much anywhere.

The one catch is we need it to be on the quiet side because one of us is hearing impaired. Your suggestions are very much appreciated!

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  1. Marigold Kitchen is right near you and definitely meets your requirements, it may be slightly pricier than what you're looking for but the food is excellent and the atmosphere is subdued. It may be a little small for a group of 12, but I'd definitely call them and see if they can accommodate you.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      My thoughts exactly. They also have semi-private rooms upstairs that would probably be perfect for your group.

    2. Marigold Kitchen would be a no brainer - especially if you are in University City

      1. Thanks for the replies. I just looked at Marigold's website and WOW pricey. Any less expensive suggestions (please)?
        Keep in mind, we don't mind traveling any where within city limits. Most of us will be coming from the 'burbs in the evening any way!

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          Consider Aqua at 7th and Chestnut, I believe the upstairs room is quiet. It is fairly inexpensive and BYOB -

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            Unfortunately the food there is nothing special. If that cuisine is up your alley, I would suggest Cafe de Laos instead. It is also BYO, is slightly less expensive than Aqua, but the food is much much better. It's at 11th and Washington

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              I agree that Cafe de Laos is good - I really enjoyed a recent meal at Aqua, not as "exotic" for lack of a better term but that's why I recommended it for a larger group

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            Aya's Cafe, on Arch Street between 21st and 22nd. Good food, although the service can be a wildcard sometimes. Cherry Street Tavern is a 30-second walk, in case you want to meet there for cocktails first.

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              I'd like to keep the price range below $20 per entree. Last time we ate at Amada (non-BYO) and I found that to be a bit pricey. I'd love it if most entrees hovered in the $15 range.

            2. If you can travel to South Philly, Tre Scalini, at 1915 Passyunk, is in a new location with a very nice upstairs room where they seat their large parties.
              We were there recently with a large group - at a round table - and there was just one other group seated up there. We could talk to one another across the large table, and it was a pleasure.
              The food there is excellent. Most of us had an appetizer and a pasta, though their veal dishes (veal chop, veal filets, not the medallions) are terrific.
              Even if there were more tables upstairs, it wouldn't be noisy because they are divided and have lots of space around them. Street parking.

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                For awhile, Marigold had a prix fixe of $30 for 3 courses on Sunday. The entire menu was available. Most of the selections were the same as a weeknight on the Sunday I visited. In addition, the restaurant was pretty quiet.