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Mar 23, 2007 08:43 AM

Norma's recommendations?

I'm heading to Norma's on Sunday. I know some people love it, and some don't; I'm not too interested in that debate as (1) it's where we're going, and (2) it's for a special occasion, and even if it's a bit overpriced it will still be worth it.

So, what to order? Any favorites? Anything to definitely avoid?

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  1. Great oj...i loved the macadamia nut/banana pancakes. I love Norma's...enjoy!

    1. It is definitely an experience. I went with my son and my daughter and we had three different dishes: the 'Waz-za' (waffle with fruit inside and brulee topping, the Crunchy French Toast, and the Mango Papaya Crepes.

      By far, the French Toast was the best of the three.. the waffle was too sweet and too many different flavors to really taste anything. The crepes were nothing special but presentation was nice.

      I'd go back again for the French Toast, and a lot of people were ordering the Huevos Rancheros which looked awesome.

      Enjoy, and try NOT to look at the prices :-)..