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Mar 23, 2007 08:15 AM

San Dimas area

Any Chow-worthy places in and around San Dimas? I know Petrillos is in Glendora.

Anything else anybody recommends? All types of foods are welcome


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  1. There's a decent Thai place over in that shopping center off Arrow Hwy and the 57 (the one w/ Red Robin. It's called Lucky Elephant. Here's my review from about a year ago.... hopefully, it's still there!

      1. re: Joe Blowe

        Ya beat me to it, great lattes and cappuccinos!

        1. re: Burger Boy

          At the risk of (possible) stoning by my fellow Hounds, I still like Pinnacle Peak in San Dimas.

        2. Funny you should ask. I was at the TJ's at San Dimas last week and noticed that they have a Philly's Best and Senior Baja (Taco Nazo split off) in the same plaza next door to each other.

          Haven't tried either but both had been written up in chowhound quite a bit. I liked the shrimp and the potato tacos better than the original fish at the Taco Nazo in La Habra.

          Otherwise I don't think there's anything chow worthy in San Dimas.

          In the neighboring Azusa there is a Carvel ice cream, and the Donut Man at Glendora (others raved about their Strawberry donut, I didn't like but judge for yourself).

          1. In San Dimas proper, not too much other than what's already been mentioned. Pozetto is pretty good for Italian although they have a limited menu. Just down the street (east on Bonita) is Old Town La Verne nestled up against the college. In a two-block stretch you have Warehouse Pizza, very good but cash only; T. Phillips a decent steak place with an outstanding selection of beer (a large beer there is over 22 oz.); Miss Donut and Bagel; Coffeberry for an outstanding coffee bar with a very good Chinese restaurant next door; Aoki is a nice sit-down Japanese place with the tiny hole-in-the-wall Bowl House next door for cheap and delicious teriyaki bowls; Caffe Allegro, a cramped but very good Italian restaurant; and just around the corner on Arrow and E St. is El Merandero for very good Mexican.