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lunch places in Woburn

I'm looking for decent takeout lunch places near my office in Woburn as I'm getting quite tired of the 'regulars'. I'm on commerce way in Woburn which is right off of 93 near the 128 interchange so my lunch selection doesn't need to be in Woburn, just a brief drive (10m?) from my office. Any suggestions for decent (I eat out most days so not unbearable unhealthy) take out place?
I eat at David's World Famous regularly and panera sometimes but I need to expand out. When we go out to eat, we often to to Bangkok Spice in Reading (amazing ginger soup at lunch) or Kyotoya in Stoneham but Kyotoya is not good for takeout (they just seem inept at the whole takeout process) and Bangkok Spice is on vacation and I need more places to eat.
I've searched quite a bit on chowhound but most of the local topics are for sit down or dinner.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Check out The Restaurant in Woburn Center (that's the name of it, BTW--The Restaurant). Good Greek cafeteria-style place with excellent chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, steak tips, and lamb.

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      The Restaurant in Woburn has good gyros, corned beef reubens, turkey dinners, roast beef dinners and their mac & cheese is very filling. You can sit in or get take-out. They also serve breakfast all day, every day. On Sunday they only serve breakfast because they close at 2pm.

    2. What about Sichuan Garden's 2nd location? I've never been to this outlet, but the one in Brookline is tasty. They are on Alfred St. Their web site seems to be down for the moment.

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        I tried that a few days ago at after reading the reviews here and had a terrible meal. I'll give it another try next week in the hopes my experience was an anomaly. Thanks, Jon

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          probably an anomaly. I like the food better at the Woburn location unless they got rid of the chef that the owners said they hired from a 5* restaurant in china...

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            I usually do dinner take out there and it's always been good. However, I've tried lunch twice and it has definitely not been as good. It really surprised me.

        2. What about The Mandarin in Reading on Route 129, or Emperor Choice in Reading on Main Street/Route 28. And there's always Harrow's Pies on Route 28 in Reading - they've got individual chicken pot pies:


          While I haven't had anything there in a long time, in the Cummings Park area on Washington Street, there's the Italian Express place - I think at 600 Cummings Park? And isn't there a LoFat KnowFat Cafe/Grille in that general area? And a Fresh City next to Bank of America in Cummings Park, and the new version of Au Bon Pain just at the corner of Washington & Salem Streets.

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            I would second the recommendation for Mandarin Reading on Route 129 in Reading. I was there for lunch on Wednesday. Mandarin Reading is my favorite Chinese lunch buffet place. The food is always good and the restaurant was packed for lunch on Wednesday. We had to wait for a table and sit in the sushi bar area.

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              Harrow's sounds like a very interesting suggestion. I'll give that a try. Thanks.

              The cummings park area is indeed nearby but because of crossing washington st. to get to, it is about 20-30 minutes each way to go that mile or so.

              I don't think I've heard of the Emperor Choice, I'll check it out. Is The Mandarin the chinese restaurant in the rotary next to the RMV and REI? If so, I've been very dissapointed with it. I've only been there on the weekend though so I'll give the weekday buffet a try.
              Thanks for the help.

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                Yes, The Mandarin is opposite the RMV/REI. Their weekday buffet is definitely good, as buffet king said. Have never been there on the weekend.

                Emperor's Choice is on the left *just* before you get to Reading Center - there's a small parking area on the left just past the restaurant.

                And IKWYM re: Washington St. - it is pretty bad (and damn near impassable between T'giving and Christmas!). But from your area, you could do some residential back roads that might get you there a bit faster. I know them by sight, however, so I couldn't give directions. :-/

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                  when i worked off commerce way, my go-to's were ken's deli down the street and sushi island over in wake and sometimes panera at the mall

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                    THAT's the name of it - Ken's Deli - I think I was taken there once by a coworker. Couldn't remember the name.

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                      zalek's downtown wakefield. Check out the reviews here. It's quick counter service with amazingly good and fresh seafood and other food that you wouldnt expect to find with counterservice. Great prices, lots of salad, grilled pizza. Great daily specials. Great Brit style fish and chips. Specials are things like grilled sword fish with jasmine rice and greek salad for about 10 bucks.
                      The Restaurant is decent and fast. There's some new Brazilian take out across the street but havent tried it. I didnt like KnowFat, or Emporers and Sichuan wasnt my favorite either. Used to be a Mandarain Reading regular but last few times went downhill. Tony Pillas in the hotel next to the movie theater is actully decent. Thin pizzas, kind of like quesadilla. Giant eggplant sub was good. If you ever get a vey long lunch, go past the Burlington Mall to the border of Bedford to The Flatbread Company for the best pizza anywhwere and a fun atmosphere and woodburning clay oven. organic yet as tasty as original Reginas. On the Border is kind of ok for some things like the queso dip and guac. but other stuff is not real great, but its probably good for an occasional change. Pizzeria Unu does express lunches. Christophers in Reading is really good for creative breakfast foods and cheap homestyle lunches and sandwiches. Cute and cozy like a new hampshire style place. Capri in Reading also is pretty good with counter service but you can eat in the restaurant self serve too during the days. waitress at nite. Decent pizza and italian. Never had their ribs or chicken. People here like the Lanna Thai diner on main street, on the other side of 128 but i didnt think it was that good, cuz my shrimp tasted off. People also like the little Pho place across the street. Cant go wrong with Zaleks!

              2. Lot of good suggestions here - I'm pretty sure there's a back-roads way to get from Commerce way to Alfred/Main, where Sichuan Garden II is, which I heartily recommend - but once you're out to Main St anyway, going right into North Woburn gets you to Lanna Thai Diner, and, almost across the street from it, Pho Woburn - both very good too. And only a little further down is Churrascaria Rodeo - I'm pretty sure they're open for lunch, though I've never been there in the daytime.

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                  Three in Stoneham:
                  E&G (they just moved)
                  Baja Fresh (I like their fish taco)
                  All are on Main St.

                  There is a Sushi place on Montvale in a strip mall that's supposed to be good.

                  Regina's pizza (inside polcaris)
                  Lana Thai
                  Louie's pizza
                  Brother's (cuban sandwich only)
                  Marco's (eggplant sub only)

                2. Avoid the lunch menu at Sichuan Garden. I think you can order off the regular menu.

                  I second Lana Thai in Woburn, and Angelo's in Stoneham.

                  1. I like The Sub Factory, on Olympia St., just off Washington. Although the subs are pretty standard, they are made on freshly baked warm rolls.

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                      Is Louie's the little place with odd hours thats on Main around the bend on the right, just past La Strega Nona? Someone I know raved about their pizza and it looked so cute, i couldnt wait and then we hated the pizza. I think we overheard or somehow got the impression that someone, maybe the owners wife was away and a kid made it and we wondered if we just got it on a bad day. It was hard, cardboardy, spicy and tough cheeese. What's it usually like? Where did E and G go? Are they good for lunch or just the gourmet dinners?

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                        have u try a litle Thai place called" smooth curry" in Woburn center.? The food is quite good thought.

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                          Yes, Louie's is a small place on the right hand side, after the fire station. A lot of people recommended it to me, and I did like the pizza. But, the hours they are open vary, and I haven't been back for a year.
                          E & G, was a tiny spot, that just moved on the corner of Main and another street. Not far from where they were. They do lunch and dinner, and they are good for both, no gourmet dinners tho.

                      2. Lots of good suggestions here.

                        There is a back way from the Commerce Way area, Mishawum->School->Forest Park Road/Alfred.

                        And to keep it Chow-centric, I'll make a rec, although you won't need the above to get there. Take 93 north to the next exit (Route 129 Wilmington) up the road about 1.5 miles on the right is Michael's. It's a pizza/sub place, but they also have decent fried seafood platters in different sizes and price ranges.

                        I also second Zalek's and Pho #1.

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                          I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that posted in this thread. You've given me a good selection of lunch places to try that should keep me well fed for a while. Lunch today, somewhere new! Probably Zalek's...

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                            I just saw this thread and want to suggest Pho #1 and that Thai Diner in North Woburn.Both are on Rte 38 about a mile past the Sichuan Garden. Pho#1 is a great Vietnamese/Thai place that is always packed at lunch times. They also deliver with a minimum order. The Thai Diner is also quite good and is almost accross the street from Pho#1.

                        2. I agree with a number of these.

                          Some other possibilities: Whole Foods (on 3S, not too far from 95); Boston King Coffee in Woburn 4 Corners (also on 3S, before Whole Foods - at the intersection with lots of fast food places), which also has sandwiches, salads and interesting drinks like bubble tea; Ginger Pad or Fresh City (both chains, unfortunately) in Wayside Commons (just off the 3S exit from 95). Ginger Pad is a nice change for pan-Asian that seems a bit healthier than normal (but still a bit chain-ish).

                          There's also Krazy Karry's on Winn St in Woburn, or even Fuddrucker's in Jordan's Reading store (please don't attack - I know it's a chain, but I really like turkey and buffalo burgers, and they're hard to find in the area, so it's nice to have them available), if you really want a burger or chicken sandwich.

                          I think the Indian restaurant in the Burlington Mall food court may deliver via DiningIn for lunch during the week (I like them the best of the local Indian options around Woburn, oddly enough), or there's Rang Indian Bistro in downtown Stoneham, if you're looking for something a little different.

                          You may even be able to get down to Medford via 93 for a couple of the places down there, as the traffic shouldn't be that bad during the middle of the day.

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                            Glad youre going to Zaleks! I actually just went tonite! I started thinking we are all maybe nuts to keep bringing up the same little place over and over but its confirmed everytime I go! Its the first time in my life that I think I have had a little place that i consider myself a 'regular' (not that i go out to eat that often or get there as much as i would like cuz its out of my way) but whenever we want to eat some good fresh yummie food, esp. seafood, Zaleks is what we usually want! Tonite had the salmon special with pineapple jasmine rice and salad for 8.95 and a fish sandwich. My hubby doesnt even like rice but now he wants to call and see when they have the rice cuz he loves it so much. The salmon was delcious, mild and summer time grilled. and i still love the Brit style fish batter. They are expanding the menu next month to include steaks and more sides. I think i will go to a Zaleks thread to tell about it there... hope you liked lunch! Btw, the salmon special was blackened but i got it plain. It was our first meal after the bug, and a great entry back to real food! This was the first time we had the owner's mother cook and she cooks as good as him! Most places that I have ever liked have been great one nite and crappy another, if there is another cook. But this place keeps the cooking consistent! How is Krazy Karrys by the way? I may try it just cuz they have veggie burgers and i am still trying to find a place that makes a decent one cuz they mostly have the same old not great gardenburger not the good hamburger style ones we can eat at home from the supermarket..but sometimes you just want someone else to cook it!

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                              Yes, I went to Zalek's for lunch on Monday and had the kabob w/rice which was decent (needs some veggies too). We went back again to pickup lunch for our staff meeting (4 of us) so we could try more items. I had the bbq chicken pizza which was different than I expected but decent. Excellent value given the portion size and price.

                              I also picked up a pot pie from Harrow's for dinner this week while the wife is away. Pretty good, needs more veggies as well but quite good.
                              Now to read the thread again and pick somewhere for today's lunch:)

                              Going to moby dick near symphony hall tonight for fesenjan (amazing stuff) before the Wynton concert so today will be quite the food day.

                          2. My first advice is learn the back roads from Commerce Way to the other side of Cummings Park. You do not need to go on Washington St.

                            You need to basically get to Mishawum Road to Wildwood Ave. Take a left on Salem St and voila you are at the other end of Washington St. right near Au Bon Pan and all the lovely West Cummings Park goodies. Italian Express, Know-Fat, Munchies, some chinese place, etc.

                            There is a turn from Salem Street too that goes right into West Cummings Park without having to goto the light at Washington St.

                            I may be missing a turn in there but experiment you can avoid Washington St and get over to the other side.

                            We used to go to the Duck Walk in Wakefield too when I worked over that way.

                            1. I would also recommend Zaleks; but the wait can be a little long. I picked up a takeout menu and now place my order before leaving the office to save time. Another Wakefield option is Fred's Franks, just off I95 exit 40-I heard that he plans to reopen for the season on April 16, although his website doesn't mention it yet.