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Clam Chowder in Phoenix

Does anyone know of a place to get Manhattan Clam Chowder in Phoenix?

I'm not a fan of New England, and that is all that I have seen around here.


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  1. The 2 restaurants I know of that offer Manhattan Clam Chowder on their menu are:
    Steamers @ The Biltmore Fashion Park and the Salt Cellar on Hayden.


    1. You might check out The Fish Market at 18th Street and Camelback. I haven't been there in ages, but Manhattan Clam Chowder is listed on their menu.

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      1. re: Seth Chadwick

        Thanks for the info. I will try them all!

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          This was specifically recommended (Manhattan Clam Chowder at Fish Market) on CH, recently, and I have made a point to try it, but, haven't, yet.

          1. re: johnseberg

            I had it there a couple years ago. I remember it being pretty good. I was happy and surprised to find it on the menu as I'm not a fan of the New England style either.

        2. I rarely will touch clam chowder in AZ...only place to get it is Legal Sea Foods. If you like Manhattan-style, give their Rhode Island red chowder a shot:

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            The big New England chain, Legal Sea Foods?

            To me, that is nearly the equivalent of a Cheescake Factory (or similar). Possibly a little better. Regardless, in any event, with the wealth of incredible clam chowder options throughout the New England area, LSF would be one of the last places I'd recommend.

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              Can't argue with you there...but they do mail-order and it's waaaaay better than local options.

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                Ah, okay. That makes more sense. I had no idea they did that.

          2. Taylor's Chowder House
            3538 W Calavar Rd
            Phoenix, AZ 85053
            602 978 1815
            I can't remember if they have Manhattan Style or not,my guess would be yes,everything I've ever tried at Taylors was great.

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              The last time I was there (Taylor's), Manhattan Style was not available every day. They used to have a website at http://www.chowderhead.com, but, it looks like they let that domain expire.

            2. Fish Market

              A bowl of it with their sourdough is a fine little meal - we used to run by and grab it to go for a late weekend lunch at home.

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                Whole Foods has Manhattan Clam Chowder and other wondeful Fish soups and bisques, to go in their seafood dept..
                I just tried their Mussel bisque w/ saffron....it's amazing!

              2. Pulling this back up as I had a cup of Manhattan Clam Chowder last night with my dinner at Durants. Didn't think to ask if they offer this every Friday unfortunately but it was a good version.

                1. this is going to sound stupid probably, but anyone who has had it probably will agree.


                  No joke.

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                    It's sad but true: they make a good one! Fortunately, this website is anonymous because my own ego keeps me from wanting to be known as "the guy that loves Quizno's soups!" Oh wait...I just revealed that I'm a guy. Baaaaad.......

                  2. Read about the clam chowder @ Grimaldi's (no relation to the others, it seems) here:
                    Has anyone had it and is it worth driving to Glendale for?

                    I had a Au Petit Four's version last week and it's one of the few things I probably wouldn't order again; the consistency was too thick, the clams (while not chewy) were scarce and it was a bit salty (their tomato-basil soup is also salty, so it could be a trend).