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Old Fashioned Antipasto

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I love antipasto salads especially the ones that are so big they could easily feed 4-6. I do love the antipasto at Teatro but If I am looking for a big old school antipasto, where do I go? I like them with lots of hot peppers, eggs, tuna, anchovies, salami, ham, olives and lots of good oil and vinegar. Does anyone have a favorite place that serves them? Thanks.

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  1. It's self-serve but the antipasto table at Vinny's at Night in Somerville is pretty big, with lots of options. Ninelives had a picture of the table posted recently.

    1. I know exactly what you're looking for - it's typically at so-called "red sauce" places. A base of crisp iceberg lettuce, tomato, onions, marinated eggplant, marinated mushrooms, other marinateds, slices of meats and cheeses, pepperoncinis...tuna, egg, and anchovies on some...

      I am willing to bet that Italian places in Medford for example has this -

      (My father happens to make a great one, but that's not for sale, unfortunately.)

      I think I had a good one at Pagliuca's in the North End, once upon a time.

      I love the antipasto table at Vinny's, but that is definitely not the "old school" antipasto that you are looking for. But I think Vinny's also has the "old school" antipasto on the menu, separate from the table.

      1. I like the antipasto at the Venetian in Weymouth; lots of what you mention in your post is included in it.

        1. Don't laugh. Bertucci's has a traditional type of antipasto and it's good. At least the one at Bertucci's in Brookline Village is or was a few years back.

          1. The New Bridge in Chelsea has Antipasto just like you want.
            12" Platter.. Bed of lettuce, red onions, pepronccini, tomato, olives egg and about 2 pounds of meats and cheeses. I do not remember if it has tuna and anchovies , but im sure they will add it for you

            1. Il Faro in Medford has a great antipasto. Just what you're looking for. Enormus. It fed eight of us, no problemo. Haven't been there for awhile but you could call and ask if they still have it.

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                Thanks so much for all of the delicious suggestions. I do not know where to start first but Vinny's at Night sounds tempting as do all of them. Thanks again!