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Mar 23, 2007 07:38 AM

Wild Wing Cafe in Tampa?!

As a Charleston, SC native (with maternal roots in Buffalo) who spent freshman year at the College of Charleston, Wild Wing's on Market Street was always a standby for a fun atmosphere, decent wings, and great drink specials (and I worked at the Mt. Pleasant location for a couple of months as a hostess - had to learn all the 33 flavors!).

I just heard about the one opening in Tampa on Anderson - it's a good concept that I think will do well here: family friendly but more fun than Beef 'O' Brady's, it isn't a Hooters ripoff, and the vibe's a bit younger than Quaker S&L. Anybody got any info or reviews yet?

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  1. Is this different than Buffalo Wild Wings?

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      BW3 (Buffalo Wind Wings) is a separate chain. Wild Wing Cafe tends to have meatier wings. Both are sport bar-like.

    2. Is it opening by the movie theatre? That would be awesome!

      1. The Wild Wings in Tampa will be next to the theater; don't know if it's a new building or remodel of one of the other restaurants that have closed.

        I've been to the one in Marietta while visiting family and have enjoyed it greatly. Between the jalapeno cheddar and the Braveheart wings, I was in heaven. And their beer selection - on tap and bottled - is superb, far and away better than the icky goo that Beef's or Hooters serve. Lotsa micros, which is always a good thing. I look forward to their arrival in T-town...

        1. Just went to this new wing joint today for lunch and I was pretty impressed. Nice open wing bar with 6 different wing varities and soup, blue cheese/ranch, celery included for under $10. Not sure if this is just a lunch special but you sure won't leave hungry. Good atmosphere, you can eat inside or outside and lots of flat-screen TV's. Not bad eating wings, outside watching airplanes landing at TPA.