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Mar 23, 2007 07:15 AM

Cupcake and NY Noodle Town

hound visiting from MSP next week. Haven't been to the city in a couple of years. Two questions:

1.) Do I understand that Cupcake cafe (Hell's Kitchen) has moved from its wonderful dusty old storefront to somewhere else?

2.) Has anyone spied soft shell crab at NY Noodle Town yet (don't follow the soft shell season much in MSP)?

Thanks, folks!

Looking forward to re-acquainting myself (and palate) with your town!

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  1. cant comment on cupcake cafe, but noodletown's soft shell crabs are phenomenal. my favorite dishes from there are the fried SSC, the similarly prepared fried squid, chicken congee (closest thing to hong kong street cuisine) and their wontons. they have by far the best wontons in chinatown.

    1. Yes, the cafe has will find it now in the Flatiron nabe (18th btw 5/6)

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      1. re: LFeinberg

        That's not right - it's just across the street and down the block from where it used to be, on 9th around 40th (not sure of the exact cross street). it's got more tables and is a bit more comfortable now.

        1. re: adam

          You're both right, although the 18th Street location is now the primary kitchen.

          The HK location is still there and is MUCH bigger now too. It's in the Casa Cupcake space across the street and up, just underneath the ramps for the Port Authority.



      2. Truly awful cupcakes. I threw one away, and it bounced out of the can!