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Mar 23, 2007 07:14 AM

Bloom groceries?

Yeah, i fell for the advert during Greys and googled. Apparently it's the "new" Food Lion, and they have one in Rockville.
Has anyone been to one?
The web site doesn't give THAT much info, so before I head over to see if it's fabulous, if anyone's been...please report!

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  1. Its a totaly different place from Foodlion. The one I've been to (Leesburg) is 24 hrs., very clean, and they have the personal scanners where you can scan and shop as you go. So by the time you are done, just plug it into the self check, pay, and you are set. However, very very very overpriced.
    You should go at least once, play with the scanner, and experienced. I have not been back since then.

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    1. re: meimei

      Do they have their own brand of things that makes it special?
      When I go to Wegmans, I usually just buy their own brand of things because I love a lot of it, and it's the reason for my trip (well, that and the 'reject' cookies they give you for free!)
      It mentions "80 types of olive oil and pasta sauce", but is it just regular stuff like a regular store has?
      did you try their prepared food?

      1. re: Jeserf

        I've heard good things about their prepared food from a co-worker, whose husband used to work there. But she did also say it depends on who's preping them.
        I didn't buy much when I was there, just picked up one or two essentials. Like I say, everything was so overpriced. And compared to wegmans, which is my favorite, their selection is not much.

        1. re: meimei

          hm...well, perhaps I'll save it for when Penzy's opens and I head further out in Rockville.
          I was laughing at how quickly I fell for the advertising, but I suppose the prices are high because of the perception of "convenience". I read a bit about the place, but no reviews or anything.

          Wegmans is the best. Oh how I long for there to be one closer to the District.

          I stand by my recommendation that they explore the idea of a "wegmans express", smaller stores similar in size to whole foods on P St. with a lot of their own brand, their prepared food, a smaller "grocery" section, scaled back choices...they could make a KILLING on that idea. oh well!

          1. re: Jeserf

            FYI: I was driving by the shopping center today where Penzey's is opening AND they were putting up the permanant sign.

            1. re: gooseterp

              thats earlier than april 18th like someone reported!

              1. re: gooseterp

                Where in Rockville will the Penzey's be? I seriously will make the trip from Hagerstown !

              2. re: Jeserf

                The "Wegmans Express" idea sounds a lot like the few Wegman'ses I had been to up in NY before their megastores opened in our area. Average sized supermarkets by today's standards, but all of the Wegman's stuff, albeit on a smaller scale and somewhat less prettied up than what we've come to expect down here. Actually the first time I went in one (Geneseo location), which I guess would have been 6-8 years ago,I thought it quite similar to a Harris Teeter.

                As far as Bloom is concerned, it seemed like a pretty nice store to me. I just can't stand (or understand) the water light effects and piped in sound in the produce department.

          2. re: meimei

            I'm surprised at the overpriced comments. We find the Bloom by us, at route 29 and 216, consistently 10% to 20% less than the comparable products at Giant or Safeway. We don't typically buy the prepared foods at grocers, but they do appear a little pricey at Bloom.

            With that said, Giant/Safeway are the peers of Bloom. If you're expecting a high end, gourmet purveyor, then you'll likely be disappointed by your Bloom experience. If you're looking for a clean, everyday grocery store - they're worth checking out.

            1. re: Slippery

              Safeway and Giant are such a waste of money - I sometimes stop in to the giant near me for convenience's sake, and it's MORE than whole foods unless i'm shopping only by the circular.
              Wegmans Express.
              C'mon, get on board and maybe they'll do it!

          3. Visited one in Odenton (drove by, saw it, had to stop in). It's great! Super clean, the employees are very nice, and the prices are very reasonable. The selection is excellent, especially of natural/organic foods. The produce and seafood were very fresh.

            I'd definitely go back if it were closer. Rockville one is an option, but Rockville outposts of other grocery stores have always disappointed, so probably not.

            1. Honestly I walked in and thought oh man same old, same old. I think they are clean cause no one shops there. But it's no wegmans, no whole foods and certainly no teeter.

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              1. re: tinatuna16

                I was at the one in Rockville over the weekend, and this was exactly my feeling. No different than the Giant near my house, really, and no reason to pay the high prices to have someone chop my scallions for me.

              2. I've been to a Bloom up in Sterling, really not a big deal and I am not running back anytime soon. A few surprising thing---they carry King Arthur bread flour which I almost never see anywhere, also a serious selection of country ham, and decent selection of frozen Latino products (better than Wegmans).

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                1. re: gastronomike

                  ...doesn't trader joes sell king arthur flour?

                  1. re: Jeserf

                    Shoppers carries it at good prices--a good variety, too, all purpose, bread, white whole wheat, whole wheat.

                    1. re: chowser

                      Thanks for the tip, I'll check Shoppers (I'm still new to the area). The bread flour (blue bag) is the one that I'm usually after, the AP and whole wheat, and even the very nice white whole wheat flours are pretty easy to find.

                  2. re: gastronomike

                    Here in Baltimore I can buy King Arthur bread flour at the local Safeway. I think the Giant in nearby Glen Burnie usually has it as well.

                    1. re: Hal Laurent

                      In VA I have found King Arthur flour at Wegman's and Giant. I am a King Arthur only user.

                      1. re: MaryDC

                        Have you tried Shoppers? The one in Burke and the one in Lorton both carry them. I haven't checked other locations. You can also get it at Whole Foods but it's more expensive.

                  3. Quick update on Bloom for those who might be interested. I would suggest keeping an eye on their meat sales. Not too long ago I got a very decent standing rib roast from them for 4.99/lb. This past weekend I got some ribeyes from Bloom for 6.99/lb which were quite good. Right now they have new york strips on sale at the same price. Not the best beef I've ever had, but definitely better than expected going in, and since I am not a man of wealth and was grilling for a crowd, the savings were substantial for me.