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Good Sushi near Union Square

I'm not looking for anything to expensive or fancy, just a really good place to pick up some on the way home from work. Any suggestions??

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  1. Azuki for a restaurant. Or you could just go to Whole Foods.

    1. If you're on the NW side of Union Square there's Ennju (on the south side of 17th btwn Bwy & 5th). It's mostly pre-fab roll combos but there's a brisk turnover so it's all pretty fresh.

      for a bigger and pricier selection, on University @12th there's Japonica. I haven't been there in years so can't speak to quality vs price ratio.

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        Japonica is still pretty good. I always enjoy dining at a Japanese restaurant operated by actual Japanese people. Something about the authenticity makes everything that much better. The sushi & rolls there are a bit on the pricey side, but the fish is fresh and quite tasty. You'll find some unique and interesting rolls on the menu.

        I've heard that Japonais on... 19th or 20th St (?) right off of Park Ave South is pretty good as well, although all I can say is that they're Japanese, maybe French fusion, by their name.

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          I was at Japonica recently for the first time and it was a terrific dinner. I am not sure how good it is if you are looking for take out.

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            I love Ennju! It's great for take-away, their pork katsu and salmon teriyaki are really good too.

          2. Yama is on the northwest side of the park. I haven't been in a while, but used to love the fresh, large sushi. I never like the sushi in Whole Foods.

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              i agree with yama. pretty darn amazing sushi. their rolls are quite diffrent from other places, and the quantiy makes its very good value. nice and small joint, makes you feel special there. it one of my fav sushi spots

            2. Haru is kind of fancy, but it's good for the area. It's on Park and 18th I believe. If you want really quick and basic, they actually roll very good sushi at the Asian deli on 5th Ave near the corner of 19th...I ordinarily don't get deli sushi, but I had a craving and it looked fresh. The fish was good and the rolls were well made. I stopped in at Ennju once and the sushi was very sloppy looking, and the avocado that day was really brown and unappetizing; I passed on it.

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                I was at Haru last night to meet up with a friend. Its a bit pricey but a good spot to get some food and drinks. They have a good selection of sushis, particularly spicy ones with jalapenos/spicy-ness that are pretty tasty!

              2. Mizu-20th and Bdway. Had stopped going, choosing Azuki over Mizu. Well, yesterday, after about a year break, went to Mizu. NO contest. Mizu is far better.

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                  Agree. LOVE Mizu. Very high quality.

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                    Tried Azuki a few times when it first opened. It seems less expensive than Mizu, but if you look at the menus, the difference is minimal. Mizu is far better, in my opinion. Not even close.

                  2. Sandobe on 1st Ave between 10th and 11th streets. Cheaper than most restaurants and fresh. Although I think the place is in the middle of re-naming itself "Ashiya" or something.

                    1. Not really US, but Momoya on 21st and 7th offers excellent sushi and cooked dishes (black cod etc.) in a modern space. No reservations. Clearly the best sushi in that area by leaps and bounds.

                      1. Another option is Sumile Sushi on 13th, between 6 and 7th Ave. Sushi are great, but the cooked dishes are even more amazing. Moderate price but good value for the high quality.

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                            I decided to try Sumile. I spent $100 on just myself. The fish assorment was limited , and not very fresh looking. The sushi bar empty , thats always a bad sign. The staff mostly not japanese and that includes the sushi chefs. I tried the hamachi ceviche which was good. The duck gyoza seemed to have been frozen and then over fried. The scallops dooked with pancetta and i think mango was not as good as it was described on the menu but good presentation and was not bad. The wild mushroom soup was good too, severd in a tea pot and drunk in a cup the food in it , is eaten separately,,Ive had much better at Upstairs at Bouley. I avoided the raw fish as it was not fresh looking, the tuna was not the best quality. But i did have the unagi which was OK, the tomago which was average , personally i prefer japanese style tomago like at 15 east or jewel bako , the kind with more fish flavor,,, the uni was acceptable,,, In general, I was disappointed, I wouldnt recommend this place. I expected something on a highter level.

                          2. there's japonica and another small spot on third bet. 12th &13th called friendhouse...

                            1. I think Yama is perfect for what you're looking for. It gets beat up on on these boards at times, but as I understand it, the quality varies from location to location and the one off Union Square is the best. Fresh, HUGE pieces of fish. Simple and relatively inexpensive menu.

                              As to location, though, I think Maxine is confused. Yama is at 17th and Irving place, south of Gramercy Park and east of Union Square.

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                                Oops your right. I always get my east and west mixed up when it comes to USP I don't know why. But what I meant was northEast of the park.

                              2. Haru, Sushisamba, and Japonais are pricey. I'd check out Yama on Irving Place & 17th, one block east of Park.

                                1. I think Haru is decent sushi--you could do much better and it is overpriced. I love Yama--on Irving. Amazing sushi---small place though.

                                  1. Blue water grill in union sq.

                                    1. I went to Japonica last week. I'm all about splurging when it comes to sushi but I felt that the sushi really didn't warrent their high prices. Don't get me wrong it was good but not that good. I was by myself and felt that the service I got on a Saturday afternoon was a 5 out of 10. Again not outright bad, but not diligent. Perhaps because I am a young girl who was dining alone? I had to wave down someone for soy sauce, water and check after I was seated alone in a far back corner. Once the check did come the guy waited over me until I paid it. The establishment itself was traditional and serene but I just felt the food and service didn't justify the price. Perhaps it was just an off chance.

                                      I tried Haru last summer. I felt it was trying to be trendy with cool atmosphere and cocktails rather then concentrating on quality. Rolls were okay sashimi not worth ordering.

                                      Has anyone tried the newer 15 East?

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                                        Both Japonais and Haru are more for the scene than the food. Their sushi is average at best.

                                        There are plenty of reviews of 15 East, simply do a search on the board.

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                                          Japonica is a scene these days - interesting? I used to go v. often when I lived downtown (early '90s), and before I'd had really good sushi. We went back post better sushi experiences and also thought it was average, and expensive - and looked pretty tired. Not a fan of Haru either.

                                          I did enjoy my one meal at 15 East.

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                                            Hi MMRuth,

                                            To me Japonais is like a Nobu with younger clientales. Not sure if my experiences were unconventional but everytime I went there the restaurant was filled with hip people and was insanely busy and noisy. The food had gone done hill (sort of like Nobu) but the crowded scene seemed to be unchanged.

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                                              Interesting! At first I thought you were talking about Japonais! Thanks for the update.

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                                                Hi MMRuth,

                                                Sorry I confused myself! I was really talking about Japonais (and I corrected my posts just now). I thought MsAlyp was talking about Japonais but now I realized she was referring to Japonica.


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                                                  No problem - that makes a lot more sense to me, even though I've not been to Japonica for a while!

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                                                Japonais in Chicago is so much better than Japonais here, In Chicago it is one of my favorite places. Granted since Hatsuhana closed in Chicago there isnt much choice but the sushi in Japonais chicago is excellent,, The japonais here the sushi is questionable. I forget the dishes ont he menu here but the tasting appetizers, like the tartares are good.

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                                                Japonica is actually good for take out as well as delivery. The people taking the orders are very nice and you can sit in front area along with the guests waiting for their tables. Sometimes they'll even offer you some tea while you wait.

                                                Yama is very good every day sushi, but I've always had a relatively gruff experience with their staff. There was a period of time when they weren't doing take out, but I think they're back to doing it. Seems like it depends on whether or not they're really busy.

                                                Choshi is another decent every day take out place with a friendly staff.

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                                                  i think choshi has gone down hill the past few years. i went a few months back and it wasn' t as good as i remember it being. plus you are cramped inside.

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                                                    agreed. stay well away from Choshi, it was abysmal and the worst sushi i had in my 2 years living in NYC 2005-2007.

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                                                      I agree on Choshi, which is too bad since it was a nice alternative to Yama is the wait was too long. I still think Yama is the class of the neighborhood, though Mizu is a best bet for somewhat more exotic rolls. If I'm having sushi I generally find Yama to have the best quality, though I'll acknowledge that I've found the tuna to be lacking from time to time.

                                            2. I highly recommend 15 East. Fresh and inventive sushi. Sit at the sushi bar - the chef is fantastic and will tell you all about what he's serving you and how he's preparing it. Excellent quality, although a bit pricey.


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                                                Agreed. The only sushi places I like in the area are East 15 and Kanoyama (per thew).

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                                                  I concur,,, 15 East, Kanoyama,,, 2 totally different atmospheres,,, both with great sushi

                                              2. can be pricey but kanoyama on 2nd ave and 11th street is yummy