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Mar 23, 2007 06:37 AM

Good Sushi near Union Square

I'm not looking for anything to expensive or fancy, just a really good place to pick up some on the way home from work. Any suggestions??

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  1. Azuki for a restaurant. Or you could just go to Whole Foods.

    1. If you're on the NW side of Union Square there's Ennju (on the south side of 17th btwn Bwy & 5th). It's mostly pre-fab roll combos but there's a brisk turnover so it's all pretty fresh.

      for a bigger and pricier selection, on University @12th there's Japonica. I haven't been there in years so can't speak to quality vs price ratio.

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        Japonica is still pretty good. I always enjoy dining at a Japanese restaurant operated by actual Japanese people. Something about the authenticity makes everything that much better. The sushi & rolls there are a bit on the pricey side, but the fish is fresh and quite tasty. You'll find some unique and interesting rolls on the menu.

        I've heard that Japonais on... 19th or 20th St (?) right off of Park Ave South is pretty good as well, although all I can say is that they're Japanese, maybe French fusion, by their name.

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          I was at Japonica recently for the first time and it was a terrific dinner. I am not sure how good it is if you are looking for take out.

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            I love Ennju! It's great for take-away, their pork katsu and salmon teriyaki are really good too.

          2. Yama is on the northwest side of the park. I haven't been in a while, but used to love the fresh, large sushi. I never like the sushi in Whole Foods.

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              i agree with yama. pretty darn amazing sushi. their rolls are quite diffrent from other places, and the quantiy makes its very good value. nice and small joint, makes you feel special there. it one of my fav sushi spots

            2. Haru is kind of fancy, but it's good for the area. It's on Park and 18th I believe. If you want really quick and basic, they actually roll very good sushi at the Asian deli on 5th Ave near the corner of 19th...I ordinarily don't get deli sushi, but I had a craving and it looked fresh. The fish was good and the rolls were well made. I stopped in at Ennju once and the sushi was very sloppy looking, and the avocado that day was really brown and unappetizing; I passed on it.

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                I was at Haru last night to meet up with a friend. Its a bit pricey but a good spot to get some food and drinks. They have a good selection of sushis, particularly spicy ones with jalapenos/spicy-ness that are pretty tasty!

              2. Mizu-20th and Bdway. Had stopped going, choosing Azuki over Mizu. Well, yesterday, after about a year break, went to Mizu. NO contest. Mizu is far better.

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                1. re: eve

                  Agree. LOVE Mizu. Very high quality.

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                    Tried Azuki a few times when it first opened. It seems less expensive than Mizu, but if you look at the menus, the difference is minimal. Mizu is far better, in my opinion. Not even close.