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Mar 23, 2007 06:37 AM

Old Florida Bar

I am a photojournalist with the St. Petersburg Times looking for an old Florida bar in its original building and off the beaten path. A place that is not frequented by lots of tourists is preferred. If food is served, that's a plus.

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  1. No Name Pub on No Name Key in the Florida Keys. http://www.nonamepub.com/history.html

      1. Tobacco Road in Miami. Liquor License #1 here in Dade county. Blues and Food served up nightly.

        Mac's Club Deuce - first bar on Miami Beach. 14th St between Collins and Washington Aves. No food, but cross the street for good grub...they'll let you eat it there.

        Abbey Brewing Company occupies the 2nd oldest bar locale on Miami Beach, used to be known as the Knotty Pine. Micro Brew + Vino and Bar food. 16th just East of Alton Rd. Look for the neon green bar sign.

        Ted's Hideaway - 2nd St in South Beach. Just west of Ocean Drive...been there for a coon's age and a half.


        1. Does it have to be in the Tampa Bay area?

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            No, it doesn't have to be in the Tampa Bay area.

          2. The Green Parrot in Key West. The building has (supposedly) been there since 1890. There's also a "graveyard" of sorts toward the rear of the building--signs from various legendary and now-defunct bars are screwed to the ceiling. (Disclosure: I have a family member who works there.)

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              Green Parrot is a great one to check out! How in the world did I overlook that one?!