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Old Florida Bar

I am a photojournalist with the St. Petersburg Times looking for an old Florida bar in its original building and off the beaten path. A place that is not frequented by lots of tourists is preferred. If food is served, that's a plus.

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  1. No Name Pub on No Name Key in the Florida Keys. http://www.nonamepub.com/history.html

      1. Tobacco Road in Miami. Liquor License #1 here in Dade county. Blues and Food served up nightly.

        Mac's Club Deuce - first bar on Miami Beach. 14th St between Collins and Washington Aves. No food, but cross the street for good grub...they'll let you eat it there.

        Abbey Brewing Company occupies the 2nd oldest bar locale on Miami Beach, used to be known as the Knotty Pine. Micro Brew + Vino and Bar food. 16th just East of Alton Rd. Look for the neon green bar sign.

        Ted's Hideaway - 2nd St in South Beach. Just west of Ocean Drive...been there for a coon's age and a half.


        1. Does it have to be in the Tampa Bay area?

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            No, it doesn't have to be in the Tampa Bay area.

          2. The Green Parrot in Key West. The building has (supposedly) been there since 1890. There's also a "graveyard" of sorts toward the rear of the building--signs from various legendary and now-defunct bars are screwed to the ceiling. (Disclosure: I have a family member who works there.)

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              Green Parrot is a great one to check out! How in the world did I overlook that one?!

            2. Try the Gator Club on Main Street in Sarasota. I have not been there in years, but it was considered "Old Time" Florida enough about 1995 to be specifically chosen to convey "Old Time" Florida in the movie "Palmetto."

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                Hmm. The Gator Club always seemed a little brassy to be called an "old Florida" bar.

              2. Wally's in Orlando on Millls might work for you. And Lee & Rick's, more restaurant than bar, is a 50-year-old oyster bar in west Orlando.

                And then there's the Cabbage Patch in Samsula, where they hold the cole-slaw wrestling every year during Bike Week. . .


                1. Ralph's Stand-up Bar and Package on Center Street in Jupiter. The oldest bar (1880's) in the oldest town (approx. 1832) in South Florida. Not for tourists. The Coconut on Dixie Hwy. in Port Salerno (Stuart). Non-locals stand a good chance of getting roughed up. The place dates from about 1915.

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                    In Fort Lauderdale:

                    The Downtowner, 408 South Andrews Avenue "1925"
                    Brownies 1411 South Andrews Avenue "1935" has the second oldest liquor license in South Florida, after Tobacco Road.

                    Both have historic photos displayed inside.

                  2. Nothing in Florida fits your critera better than the Palace Saloon and Bar, more than 100 years old, in Fernandina Beach. North of Jacksonville, and as off the beaten path as it gets. 113 Center Street. Check this out: www.ameliaislandliving.com/newtourist...

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                      There's an Irish Pub in Pensacola that has $$$ bills stapled all over it's walls and cielings whose name escapes me, McSomething's no doubt, that definately fits the 'bill' for this post. Someone will definately know it by my description. When I was there over 5 years ago I think they were at 250k!!! God forbid the place burns down....

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                        Barefoot Billy's on Gandy next to the ABC at MacDill Ave might fit what you're looking for. It's a little hole in the wall with a mix of people and this Saturday (Mar 31) there's a little blues band there from 9pm on.......

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                          Alabama Jack's on Card Sound Road going into Key Largo

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                          Netmover, you're talking about McGuire's... but it's only old if you consider 30 old... It was established in 1977.

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                            The original side of Conchy Joes in Jensen Beach is very Old Florida, right on the Indian River, old wood panelling with Alligator heads and fish and such. Most people hang out on the tiki bar side where the Reggae band plays, but I like the old side

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                              That's McGuire's. Right downtown.

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                              Fox's Sherron Inn on US 1 in South Miami. This joint is all about Sinatra, cigarettes and red lights bathing patrons in alcoholic anonymity. A South Miami staple since 1946, it exists in a time warp, with vinyl booths and subtle details reminiscent of the late '40s and early '50s.

                            2. The Indian Pass Raw Bar may have the look you're going for, although I don't know how old it is. The building itself is old - it's in an old turpentine company building from the early 1900s. It looks old Florida and it's definitely off the path - and you'd never happen on it.You have to want to find it. It's on County Rd. 30 A between Port St. Joe and Apalach right across the street from St. Vincent Sound. Look it up

                              1. Mainstreet Pub in downtown Melbourne. The Pub has only been there a few years, but the building dates back to the mid 20's, and the Whiskey Bar portion of the Pub harkens back to the oldstyle saloons, decorated with all kinds of pictures of old Melbourne.

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                                  I can't believe I forgot, amd no one else mentioned The Desert Inn in Yeehaw Junction. That would have to be the epitome of what you are looking for

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                                    They serve deep fried turtle at the Desert Inn, or at least they used to...


                                    I guess they still do serve deep fried turtle, according to the dinner menu on their website.


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                                      They serve more cheap liquor than anything else. The last few times I was there, everyone in the place was drunk. I don't recommend eating there. Drinks, yes.

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                                        Heh yeah, some of my old army buddies and I stopped there for a few drinks back in '05, on the way down hunt feral pigs down in the Kissimmee Preserve...

                                        Yeah sure the joint was a bit shabby; but screw it, they had deep fried turtle, the staff was friendly, and I was fairly liquored up by that point...

                                        Actually one of my buddies has been back there since then, and he said that the owners have spruced up the joint since we were last down there.

                                        Of course "spruced up" is a very subjective term....

                                2. Schooner Wharf in Key West; Jimbo's on Virginia Key in Miami

                                  1. old naples pub in downtown naples is pretty neat

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                                      The Palace Saloon has been in business since 1903: http://thepalacesaloon.com

                                      Palace Saloon
                                      117 Centre St, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034