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Mar 23, 2007 06:29 AM

Nothing Beats New York Bagels

I grew up in Long Island and still, to this day, I believe that my hometown bagel place makes the very best bagels. I'm waiting to find a place in manhattan to change my mind. So where is your favorite bagel place in manhattan?

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  1. murrays on 8th ave near 23rd st

    1. Hey ktfood, you just moved to the West Village, right? There's a Murray's on 6th Ave b/t 12th & 13th as well, and they do indeed make a good bagel.

      I also recommend Time Sq Hot Bagels on 44th just off Bway (between Ollie's and Carmine's). This place is not much to look at, but the bagels are top notch if you like them crusty and dense. A real jaw work out.

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      1. re: ballulah

        My picks are Ess-A-Bagel on First Ave between 20th and 21st, and H&H sesame and poppy seed. I guess Murray's is a distant third, by default. Can somone chime in as to why Murray's tops so many lists?

        1. re: fsd1116

          i eat plain bagels only. murrays plain bagels are not too big, have a good bite and are neither too dense nor too fluffy inside.

          1. re: ericalloyd

            Thanks for the tip ericalloyd. I don't believe I've ever tried a Murray's plain. I'll have to make a trip there to try one!

          2. re: fsd1116

            I think that the "ranking" depends on one's preferences for texture. Some bagels are primarily crusty and very dense and chewy (Murray's), some are not so crusty and somewhat fluffier (H&H or Ess-a-Bagel). Both have their merits.

          3. re: ballulah

            I live right by that Murray's and work right by Time Sq Hot Bagels so I am going to head over to check them both out soon! Thanks!

            1. re: ktfood

              Times Square Hot Bagels is so good! Thanks!

              1. re: ktfood

                How do they compare with your hometown bagels, though??

                1. re: ballulah

                  a super close second... probably only a hair off. i think i will always say my hometown bagels are the best just because i grew up on them... haha.

                  but i am definitely going to this place a lot... now i just have to try murray's.

          4. i too hail from LI, and i agree the bagels there are unbeatable. anyway, i like Tal bagels on 86th between 1st and 2nd (cash only / no toasting). also, H&H bagels on 81st and 2nd is pretty good. i've heard pick-a-bagel to be good, it's open late but i have yet to go...

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            1. re: christinaemcc

              David's Bagels on 1st Ave, just south of 14th St. By far the best in the city.

              1. re: keith

                Recently, I gave David's (nr 14th) another try. I ordered a pumpernickle, cinnamon raisin , everything and plain. My impressions of the 1st 3 types were pretty neutral. Not bad but not worth making a special trip.

                However, this morning I pulled the plain David's bagel out of the freezer, warmed it up and was VERY pleasantly surprised with BOTH the flavor and texture. The plain bagel was WAY better than the other varieties I'd tried and worthy of a return visit.

                fwiw, I enjoy, both Ess-a- Bagel and H&H depending on my mood. Murray's is probably closest to my ideal but I'm almost never near one.