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Mar 23, 2007 06:18 AM

Bouley Bakery - awesome sandwiches, terrible croissants

I know it's all overpriced but when you work in walking distance it's hard to resist Bouley Bakery for breakfast and lunch.

I'm just posting to say, sadly, after numerous samples (last summer to today), Do Not Get Your Croissants at Bouley Bakery. They are so heavy, dense, hearty, etc. Descriptions that should never be used in conjunction with "croissant"

Pre-made sandwiches, on the other hand, do not disappoint.

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  1. agreed. the dessert pastries are very good (though overpriced), but the croissants and other "breads" are fairly weak.

    1. I would also highly recommend the soups at Bouley Bakery. I have never been disappointed (and I eat them at least once a week). My favorites so far have been the Asparagus and Vegetable Lentil.