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Mar 23, 2007 06:18 AM

Need Casual Yummy Date Night Place - Bmore

My husband and I are getting a date night Saturday and we want a yummy restaruant in downtown Baltimore or the Columbia/Ellicott City/Elkridge area. we live in Howard County but are prepared to go to Baltimore. We want casual dining (examples would be blue agave or Jesse Wong's Hong Kong), nothing we need to dress up for and wouldn't be really expensive - we do love that but this date is not for that - just some place that is good and we could probably get in to .

thanks in advance.


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  1. Personally, I'd go to La Cazuela on Eastern. Casual, interesting, consistently good, very reasonable.

    My next tier of thought would include Ras Doobie (if you like that kind of food), Birches, and Peter's Inn (might be hard to get into). Iggie's if you like pizza and want to bring in a nice bottle of wine. Also, Jack's Bistro in Canton is a pretty interesting restaurant/bar that would fit your category. I'd also think about Samos.

    Finally, there are the usual suspects: the Wine Market, Henninger's, someone will say Mama's on the Half Shell (although it might be hard to get into PLUS I had a horrible meal there last week, the "ain't going to ever go back there" kind of horrible); Martick's, b, Gertrude's, Rub, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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      Horrible meal at Mamas, do tell, what was it?

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        It was the grilled salmon special that was coated by some spicy butter that was supposed to give it flavour/moisture but was so salty as to render it inedible. I mean, "Did someone leave the top off the salt shaker" salty. Ordinarily would have sent it back but the waitress was really horrible too--she was throwing the plates around and almost dropped our soup on the table if it hadn't been caught. Plus a dozen oysters: $18.00. That was a shock.

      1. I know you were lookinf for casual and spending a lot, but Tersiquels's hands down is the best place. We've been following Fernand from EC to Baltimore back to EC and he's the best. I grew up in Howard County and it has largely been a vast wasteland of food (other than EC). I've worked in a few of the restaurants in town and know who has the clean kitchens...Tersiguel's is the best by far. Although, Elkridge Furance Inn and Iron Bridge are great as well. I know there are a few others, but those don't readily come to mind.
        Definately try to hit Peter's - go early to get a seat (same for Henninger's). I was in Blue Agave a month ago, and wasn't impressed - unless you feel like banging back some shots of Patron...Abacrombie is probably the best restaurant in the city (sans snobby attitude) - Sunny was a chef for the Ritz Carlton in Naples, FL and hands down total foodie!!! He loves to cook for anyone that shows an interest in food. Tasting menu the way to go. Black Olive on Bond St. is another delicious stop - uses a lot organic products. Too bad Pazza Luna isn't around! That was bar none the best, most fun place to have a great dinner and enjoy ole Blue Eyes. Not to mention Kim was always happy to see you and you felt like you were eating in her home.

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          Pazza Luna is around, except its no longer run by Kim. It's being run by the Sotto Sopra people. I went last week and enjoyed it. It would be a good choice that fits the bill for the original poster.

        2. Casual and yummy to me always equals Zodiac. The food is really great, it's verrrrry chill atmosphere, and it's rarely packed. Their daily specials always hit the mark. The chef trained in New Orleans and their etoufee is first-rate. They have good desserts, too.

          And you can get anything from sandwiches to lamb. I {love} their spicy mussels Diablo and often get them as a meal.

          Consider an outside table if the weather is nice, you can people-watch. The Charles Theatre and some other theatre whose name I always forget is across the street.

          You can get Sofi's crepes for dessert (also across the street) or have a cocktail next door at Club Charles as a nightcap.

          Zodiac, definitely.

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          1. If you were to stay in the Howard County area, my suggestions would be:
            -Sushi King OR Sushi Sono (both have a nice atmosphere and yummy food....Sono is by the lake, so that would be a nice date)
            -Iron Bridge (although, yes, a bit packed always)
            -Cafe de Paris (this would be really nice....great atmosphere)
            -Bangkok Garden (great thai, although the atmosphere is an old fast food place, so maybe not!!)