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Mar 23, 2007 05:16 AM

Springwater Bistro - Saratoga

Four of us went there for dinner last night..... what a delight! Surprise.. the entire menu was 3 course prix fixe at $20.07. The selection was very large.. must have been 20 starters and a dozen entrees.
Everything was very good. Stand outs included the squid ink risotto with calamari and the stripped bass. Among desserts was a mixed berry cobbler.
We had a wonderful birthday celebration!

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  1. SQUID INK RISOTTO WITH CALAMARI??!???? Thanks for the good word, I'll have to get there soon! My pal used to work there years ago and always had good things to say (even after he left there). Happy birthday!

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      I believe the $20.07 is a local restaurant-week promotion that many of the area places are participating. One of the best things about Springwater is their Monday "Tapas night".

      1. re: markabauman

        They are extending promotion through April.
        I have heard great things about Tapas night and will try it soon.