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Mar 23, 2007 02:56 AM

Ingredients that you usually don't like or notice, but on a certain dish they stick out?

and taste good! For me it's the lettuce on both the tacos at Tito's and the lettuce on the hamburgers at The Apple Pan. I usually could do without the lettuce on both of these items in general, but for some reason, I think they stick out and make both the tacos at Tito's taste great and do the same with the burgers at Apple Pan.

I hope this makes sense. lol.

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  1. For me it's anchovies. Can't stand them on pizza, but saute them with some fresh garlic and olive oil, and I find that the strong fishy flavor mellows and becomes quite tasty; especially in red sauces.

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    1. re: sandrina

      I've been tricked twice into eating anchovies, they weren't horrible like I thought they'd be, and like you said in one of the dishes they weren't that fishy.

    2. Cilantro. I used to think it tasted like plastic in salsas, marinades, and everything. Then I found a fresh salsa at a local farmer's market. I sampleed it and loved it. Didn't know it had cilantro until I looked at the ingredients!

      1. Black olives. I don't really like them except chopped up on something like a Mexican pizza, then they are absolutely necessary.
        Peas. Gotta have them in a chicken pot pie or it's not complete, but I can't stand them anywhere else.

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          I used to discard the capers that came as (what I thought was decoration or garnish)
          with my appetizer of smoked I really like them....not enough to fish them out of the jar and eat them by themselves but find them quite a nice contrast with the them alot with steak tartare too!

        2. As crazy as it sounds, all of the ingredients on a reuben (you can also include a corned beef special sandwich here as well).

          I don't like corned beef on it's own...but put it in a reuben...
          I don't like sauerkraut (or coleslaw)...but put it in a reuben (or c.b. special)...
          I don't like 1000 Island dressing...but put it in a reuben...
          I don't like rye get the idea...

          I love those two sandwiches, but hate the individual ingredients. I think I'm an odd person...

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          1. re: QueenB

            so what made you even try a reuben the first time?

            1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

              I wonder that myself. It's been probably 20 years or more, and I really can't remember.

              1. re: QueenB

                Funny. Does this count - I like all kinds of breads, love cornmeal & corn all different ways, BUT don't like cornbread ;)

            2. re: QueenB

              On a similar note- I can't stand swiss cheese, except on a reuben.