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Mar 22, 2007 11:00 PM

Vanc. WA - Where to Buy Fresh Tortillas?

I'm a transpanted San Diegan and do so miss being able to buy the great freshly made tortillas which were available in almost every neighborhood down there. Can anyone suggest where to find these in the greater Vanc WA area?

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  1. Or anywhere else on the Coast? Seattle? LA?

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      Katrina's in Phoenix in the Rogue Valley is a tortilla factory. They also make Salsas and some killer tamales,
      contents of which vary each day.

    2. I'm not sure if there is a tortilleria in Vancouver anymore. However, there are a few tiendas throughout Vancouver that should have relatively fresh tortillas from a local tortilleria. I would try Michoacana/Don Paco on 4th Plain. There's also a tienda about 60th and 4th Plain. And then there's one on about Mill Plain and Grand, I think. A couple others scattered throughout.

      I think Winco sells local tortillas as well.

      There are tortillerias in Portland if you're interested.

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        Thanks, extramsg, that's very helpful info. I'd like to stay on this side of the river and will definately be checking out the sources you've given.

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          No problem. I think even Safeway carries some local tortillas, btw, but I wouldn't trust a place like them for freshness. Look on the packages, though, and you'll probably find some made in Portland, Hillsboro, Salem, or Woodburn. When I'm buying tortillas, it's usually for enchiladas, in which case it doesn't matter as much. And when it's for tacos, I have a bag of maseca and a tortilla press. Better than anything you'll get from our tortillerias. Although, there's a taco truck at Denver and Killingsworth in Portland that will sell you handmade tortillas on the cheap.