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Mar 22, 2007 10:55 PM

Jangjorim, kongjorim, Korean jorim in general

This is a whole genre all by itself.

All sorts of ingredients (beef brisket, beans) simmered in soy sauce with spices - a salty savory banchan eaten with plenty of rice or with other vegetables.

beef jorim or jangjorim:

bean jorim, or kongjaban

It is common in Korean home cooking, yet it's hard to find in restaurants, especially jangjorim. Have you found good jangjorim anywhere?

Have you made it at home?

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  1. It is available for purchase in the 'panchan' section of your local Korean megamart sometimes with boiled eggs and konbu strips. It is really great over rice -to cut excess salt factor

    I have made the black soybeans which are one of my favorite panchan. I believe a Japanese co. also sells a canned variety that is really overtly sweet.

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      I believe its purpose was longterm preservation originally/

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        I don't recall spotting it in the panchan section. I will look again.
        I am tempted to try making it with beef brisket. If it was meant to be preserved, it's perfect for a lazy person since it means multiple meals.

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          It' s pretty easy to make if you have some time. 2 Korean markets here in the San Diego Area carry it.

          what got you so interested in this dish in particular?

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            I tend to zero in on deserving but underdiscussed items. Hence jorim, which is an interesting preparation, as in eun dae gu jorim discussed on this board. Possibly hard to do it right.

            More often discussed are jigae, jim and boki.

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              Stopped by the Korean market today - quite a few there. I have not tried it but a poster on the ca board has - and thought it was pretty non descript.

              However I award major bonus points to any korean rest. that serves this as panchan, as it is def an upper eschalon side dish along with the raw marinated crabs and grilled corvina.

        1. I make it once a year or so and you can (as others have said) buy it at korean groceries. I've never but because in a crock pot it is so easy to make. It is much better if you put the crock pot outside overnight to cook for your house will be smelling like sweet soy sauce for days.

          I also like using one of two cuts of beef. I believe brisket is traditional but have used bone in shoulder chuck. You get more gelatiney stuff on the later. I also add a lot of korean long pepper (but you should taste before adding because the hot level on the pepper seems to vary a lot).

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            Jang jo rim is good stuff, my favorite ban chan of all time.
            Sounds simple enough to make it at home, but not reccomended(oh the smell)

            Try Gobawoo House in K-town(LA) some good jang jo rim(mmm MMMMM)
            Saan also serves jang jo rim as a part of thier ban chan, but they use crappy quality meat =(