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Mar 22, 2007 10:55 PM

Cow Palace - dinner ideas

We're going to the Flower Show on Friday evening at the Cow Palace, and in desperate need for a decent meal somewhere around there. I've searched the board and found "Mom is Cooking" but ideally would like to see if anything new has emerged in the intervening three years since the last post.

I think we'd prefer Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, but beggars cannot be choosers - any suggestions welcome!

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  1. Aside from McDonald's & Taco Bell, there isn't anything else in the immediate vicinity of the CP. However, San Bruno Avenue has a few Chinese restaurants.

    The Board here has recommended Zone 88 on San Bruno near Silver Avenue for good Northern Chinese food.

    1. Pretty certain Mom Is no Longer Cooking. I believe it's closed.

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        And I have wanted to go down to South San Francisco for a martini and old-style Italian at Bertolucci's (, but I can't say I've made it there.

      2. check out 7 mile house just a few blocks away down on bayshore (2800 bayshore) looks like a dive from the outside, but the food is actually pretty darn good. burgers, pastas and also some filipino dishes. i've been there a few times for lunch and happy hour. worth checking out, because as you noted, there's not much else in that area. it is a bit small, so if you have a large group it might difficult to sit together.

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          Here's the menu on the website. Note that Friday is R&B night which might make it loud

          Interesting about the few Filipino dishes. Will have to check this out.

          Anyone tried Le Tre Vienamese Restaurant a little down the road from 7mile house? Pretty picture of the restaurant on the website.

          Looked interesting so I asked about it in a separate topic.