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Mar 22, 2007 10:42 PM

Lunch Help: New Job, New Neighborbood (Varick&Spring)

I just started a new job around Varick & Spring (West Soho) and cannot seem to find any unique, solid, hole in the wall gems for lunch. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Mooncake foods, Lupes, Giorgione 508, Yoghurt Place II

    1. A little further east, but the Hampton Chutney Company makes great dosas. Prince St b/t Broadway and Lafayette. And on West Broadway and Lispenard is Nancy Whiskey's, they make great burgers and steak fries for less than $6, great bar atmosphere at lunch time as well.

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        I really like Hampton Chutney but, they raised their prices and now a simple potato dosa is $8.65 (incl. tax). I really love them too. To pay that much for potatoes really annoys me, especially for lunch. When the bill was closer to $7.00 I didn't mind it, even though I thought that was high too.
        I just noticed this post I'm replying to is from 3/07...

      2. I used to work on 6th Ave and Spring and always found the area to be a challenge for just a regular take-out work lunch - but the good news is it turned into quite the incentive to bring lunch instead so I could eat better and save $.

        These certainly do not qualify as hole in the wall but when I did buy lunch out, some of the places I would go to are Olives on Prince St, Once Upon a Tart on Sullivan, Sullivan Street Bakery (which actually is now called Grandaisy or something like that) and the pasta shop next to it, Ruben's Empanadas on Broome and Kelly & Ping's on Greene. There is also a Cafe Duke on Broadway that offers the usual hot food/salad/etc which is a bit of a hike and is just okay.

        The other thing is that Bleecker St isn't too far, so I'd sometimes head to Amy's Bread or Murray's Cheese Shop.

        Wherever you go, avoid Jazzy's on Varick. The food is terrible. SoHo Made Soups isn't all that great either.

        1. just take a stroll down carmine street... it's loaded with great places to eat and drink in all price ranges... grey dog cafe, Marinella , etc, then make a left on bleeker... there's Rocco's bakery, john's pizza, Faiccio's market, Murray's chees, amy's bread... the list goes on. Your best bet is to just walk around on nice days and try new places. I did that when I worked down there. Also try hudson street... pepe verde, white horse tavern, cowgirl hall of fame.

          1. Melampo on Sullivan between Prince and Spring has gi-normous Italian sandwiches. They're not cheap (around $10), but they can be shared and the ingredients are top notch.

            Also Snack, on Thompson between Prince and Spring has really onion-y Greek Salads for those days you don't have afternoon meetings and hot delicious sandwiches for those days you do.

            Not sure if they are serving lunch anymore, but Novo on Hudson and Spring has a pretty good Cuban nouveau.

            Finally, there a tiny little place on Vandam between Hudson (closer to Hudson) and Varick. The name escapes me now, but you can spot it by the brightly-colored llama statue that sits just in front. This isnt at all a hole in the wall, but it's not pricey, and the food is good.

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              I think Melampo is now called Alidoro (105 Sullivan) - the sandwiches are still huge and great.