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Mar 22, 2007 09:57 PM

Soup Joints

I've searched chowhound posts for information on restaurants known for good soup, but only found information about edible canned or packaged soups. In Chicago there's a soup place called the Soupbox. Is there something comparable in the D.C. area? If not, can someone reccomend a restaurant in Bethesda or NW DC with good vegeterian soup dishes?

I ask because I have pledged to eat a soup dish daily for the month of March. I've been documenting my progress with photos on flickr (31 days of soup). A place with nice presentation and good lighting is a plus as artistry is just as important as taste.


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  1. Although I haven't tried their soups yet, at Tysons's Corner Mall, there is a Soup Man in the old food court area. I believe that this is a franchise based upon the guy from which the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld was based. As an added bonus, I think this Soup Man is Korean owned and they serve bubble tea as well.

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      The next time I'm in Tyson's I'll search out the Korean soup man and grab some bubble tea. Thanks!

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        Speaking of Korean, what about soondubu (tofu stew)?

    2. Google any of the Pho restaurants that are around, and experience God's gift to soup...Go for the Pho Ga (chicken) basically Viet. chicken soup. The broth is warm and will kill any cold you might be working on. The broth is made with grilled onion & ginger, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, black peppers, carrots, dash fish sauce and we LOVE it! You also add Hosien & hot sauces as well as cilantro, thia basil, jalapeno peppers, lime juice, and bean sprouts once they deliver it to the table. YUM!!
      There are a bunch of them in the college park, catonsville and I think Bethesda areas. Usually, it's listed as Pho 32 or 495 (the number seems to come from the road it's on).
      ROck on!

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        You just jogged my memory. I visited Nam's in Bethesda on Cordell Ave many months back. This Vietnamese restaurant makes some great seafood dishes. As I recall I did have a seafood soup for an appetizer and it was delicious! I'll have to make a repeat trip soon. Thanks again!

      2. Check out your Chinatown in DC for Pho restaurants. There are a couple we frequent in Philly, so you might luck out there...

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          No Vietnamese restaurants that I know of in Chinatown. They're found in the 'burbs, particularly at the Eden Center in Falls Church. But I'm partial to Pho 75, between Rosslyn and Courthouse in Arlington.

        2. If presentation isn't really a big deal...then the daily soup selection at The Bread Line (Penn. Ave, between the World Bank and the White House) is good. The Peanut Soup on Tuesdays and the Saffron Tomato (Wednesday?) are both really good.

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            Mmmm. Saffron Tomato sounds delicious! Next time I'm downtown I'll have to make a special lunch trip.