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Mar 22, 2007 09:43 PM

lunch spot in beverly hills- outside dining

dad is coming in to town for lunch and he doesn't like things that are too expensive...and I like sitting outside. any suggestions?

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  1. I had a similar inquiry last week and the posters suggested Urth on Beverly. That turned out well for us. However, my boyfriend is a really fussy eater (no vegetables or condiments) and the only thing on the menu that he liked that wouldn't have required lots of changes was the chicken quesadilla. So if that's an issue, know that your options are "limited." But the food I had was good and fresh and I liked it!

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      Definitely Urth Cafe! Took my Dad there recently when he was here on a visit - and he loved it. It's very casual, but the food is great. And, there are lots of choices - salads, soups, sandwiches, etc. and great baked goods. And, there's an outside patio. Great choice!!

      1. re: foodseeker

        I love Urth but we have to go to Century City afterwards and it is out of the way. Maybe another time though because I love their teas

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          ERINL- You're thinking of the one in WeHo...there's the one on Beverly Drive that they are talking about. My dad loves Urth everytime he comes too!

    2. Amici Trattoria - it's in a little hotel on Doheny and Santa Monica. They have a cute outdoor patio that's nice at lunch. Great tomato soup. Il Tremezino is a delic sandwich shop on North Cannon that's inexpensive and has outdoor tables, but it's super casual.

      1. I like Il Fornaio. Its perfect for a Sunday brunch.

        301 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, 90210
        (310) 550-8330

        1. Try the new Coupa Cafe on Beverly Drive...very comfortable outdoor dining and good variety of interesting food..not too pricey

          1. The Farm on North Beverly has some limited outside seating, is not too expensive and has good salads and sandwiches.