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Mar 22, 2007 08:56 PM

Sunday lunch/brunch downtown SEA?

I am looking for somewhere to have a decent lunch or brunch around noon or one downtown for a semi-large group (6-8 people) the Sunday after next. I have been to Maximillian's before and was NOT impressive (bad service, okay food). Thank you!

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  1. If you are still open to an excellent French influenced brunch I suggest Cafe Campagne: The Oeufs en meurette are outrageously good, I guess you shouldn't expect anything less from eggs in foie gras sauce tho' right. You will definitely need reservations so book ahead.

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    1. re: landguy

      another more casual option is Steelhead Diner across from Campagne
      you might also consider dimsum at O'Asian (5th and Marion)

      1. re: barleywino

        Though I complained about the price before going, Steelhead's brunch was exceptional and worth it. The chicken fried steak was the best I've had since leaving my hometown in the deep south. The wild mushroom omelette was utterly flawless. Highly recommended.

      2. re: landguy

        I heartily second this. L'oeufs en meurette could almost become my reason for living. With a nice rose... Scary good.

      3. I recommend ETTA'S in the Pike Place Market....varied & creative menu items and good....and the atmosphere there & neighborhood I find very enjoyable on Sunday mornings.

        1. Cafe Campagne and Etta's are good suggestions.
          Nearby, just up teh hill to first ave and an absolute bargain is Pan Africa Cafe, 1521 1st Ave, with fantastic combo plates on the best injera I've had.
          For a lark (also a bargain), El Puerco Lloron, on the Hillclimb, has authentic border food - great Asada and carnitas tacos (get a dozen more - fresh, warm, good).