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Mar 22, 2007 08:46 PM

Holding Ranch - grassfed beef from Lafayette

Holding Ranch is a very small operation that grazes its cattle in the hills above Lafayette. If you've hiked in Briones Regional Park, you've probably seen some of their cattle.

They are now selling their 100% grassfed beef at at the Walnut Creek and Concord farmers' markets. I bought a couple of rib-eyes from them last Sunday and grilled them over hardwood charcoal tonight. The rancher suggested about 3 minutes per side for the steaks. I did 4 minutes per side and it came out great. Warm pink most of the way through with an excellent char on the outside. Wow, what great beef! It had a great texture and mouth feel and a wonderfully beefy flavor. The juices that came out while it rested after cooking were mouthwatering too. I'm definitely going to be a regular customer. They also sell at the ranch on Deer Hill Road if you can't make it to the market. Call ahead and see what they have. They only butcher a few at a time, so their selection is limited. Hmm, maybe short-ribs to braise next week.

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  1. approx how much / pound were the steaks, and what cut were they?

    1. Thanks for your tip on the farm. Went to the ranch on Deer Hill Road. They are also selling eggs now. They lost their chickens to the coyotes but are now back in business. We got a dozen eggs for $6. They are a myriad of shapes and sizes. In the future they hope to be selling chickens. I also got a pound of ground beef-- $5.99 a lb. They are low on steaks, but will be slaughtering in about 2 weeks. Prices are $19.99 lb for New York Steak, rib eye. $14.99 lb for top sirlon, flat iron.
      They sell on Sat in Orinda and Danville farmer's market; Sunday - Walnut Creek; Tues. Concord.

      It's a friendly place to stop by. It's on Deer Hill Rd near Acalanes High School. Get off at Oak Hill Rd. Hwy 24 and ride east on Deer Hill to the ranch-- the vistas are beautiful.

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        Hate to respond to a old post; but the land in Lafayette has been sold, and the ranch has moved up to Northern Siskiyou county (near Monteque where Prather Ranch is based.) where they have almost 10 times the space and are expanding into pasture raised lamb and pork. They are still attending most of their traditional East Bay farmers markets, while expanding to (as of a couple of weeks ago) San Mateo's Farmers Market on Saturdays (where I catch them, just got some port chops and ground beef earlier today, and am considering a quarter bulk order)

        Great quality and taste for those on the peninsula that don't want to drive all the way to Ferry Plaza for their pastured meats.