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Wine Bar/Casual non trendy in NY

First Time Chowhound. First Time in NY.
I am looking to enjoy a great atmosphere with some NY culture that is comfortable and non trendy. Does anything like this exist?? and yes this whole blogging thing is new too. (and no I am not 80!)

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  1. I would go to Divine Bar in Midtown East...it's on either 51st or 52nd between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Great wine list, AMAZING sangria and lovely small plates.

    1. I liked WineBar (yes, that's the name) in the East Village. It's small, cozy and if it's a nice day, you can sit outside and people-watch.

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        Inoteca and Centovini.

        No to Divine Bar. The New York culture consist mostly of mid-town worker drones.

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          Disagree...Inoteca and Centovini are overpriced and overly trendy.

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            Centovini is overly trendy? How so?

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          I found WineBar to be very expensive and the cheaper (if $12 a glass is cheap) wine that I did order was really bad. The Tasting Room has opened a new wine bar in their former location not too far away from WineBar (1st St and 1st Ave). I haven't been yet but I do love their full restaurant on Elizabeth St.


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            Veloce on 2nd ave and aboout 7th street

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              Bar Veloce is on 2nd btwn 10th and 11th.

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                i second bar veloce. 2 locations - one on 2nd & 11th and one on the west side around 7th ave & 20th(?).
                i also like inoteca, although i think the 'scene-y'-ness is mostly over...or have i just not been there in a while?
                big fan of 'ino, on bedford, i think, close to houston.
                and vintage wine in soho as well, which serves only locally grown wines but has some really nice plates. it's nicely decorated but not too trendy.
                i definitely like von too, although they're more of a east-villagey bar and if you go during peak hours it can be hard to find a seat.
                good luck...

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                  The only days you will be guarenteed a table or a seat at the bar at Von is Sundays and Mondays every other day the bar can bet extremely crowded.

        3. Von is a relaxed wine bar, in the east village. Non-pretentious. And they'll let you order delivery from neighboring restaurants. That's a real NY experience.

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            turks and frogs(west village)
            bin 71(upper west side) very small

          2. i like anotherroom and the room. relaxed wine & beer bars.. small

            1. Since this is your first time in NY, you'll probably be hitting up Rockefeller Center. Morrell Wine Bar, at 1 Rockefeller Plaza might be exactly what you're looking for. They've got a great selection and it's not at all trendy.

              1. I don't know if it is still open but there was an italian place Il Posto Accanto? or something like that. it was on 4th (perhaps?) between Avenue A & B. next to one of the east village italian restaurants. went there a few times well over a year ago and was happy with the wine, food and atmosphere.

                1. Pudding Stones on the UES is great. You can get flights and while their menu is fairly limited, everything I've tried is deliciuos. Scallops are delicious there.

                  1. Check out Grape & Grain on 6th street between avenue B & C in the East Village - good stuff!


                    1. there's a new wine bar called "Wined Up" above Punch on Broadway & ~26th. I've read good things and meant to go twice but couldn't.

                      Someone, if not me, should give it a try.

                      1. i agree with grape & grain on 6th st. between ave. b & c. small though. not trendy, though has east village hipster types there. also try next door - against the grain - which is a specialty beer bar. also very small, but cozy.

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                          I think Divine Bar is a bit of a tacky, midtowner scene so I personally would veto it.

                          -Turks and Frog's is very nice and charming if you want a small cozy spot
                          -Peasant on Elizabeth has a great cavernous feel to it, below the restaurant by the same name
                          -Morell is a great idea too as is 'Inoteca and Bar Veloce

                          I can't believe how many new wine bars have opened here! I'm psyched to try out all of the other suggestions..


                        2. Le Bateau Ivre on 51st between 2nd and 3rd is a non-trendy wine bistrot.

                          1. Jadis on Rivington might be considered trendy (its a fairly nice space) but is not pretentious at all. Great services, good wine fairly priced, and a nice cheese plate.

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                              aroma right down the block from bowery bar is an unlikely, easy going place for some good cheap italian wines you may have never tried. its an italian restuarant, but their wine list is very servicable and quite good. the plus side is that the small bites are worlds better than most places, and everything is meant to be had with wine in hand (dont be shy as the owners would be more than happy to make recommendations). be warned though...its a tiny place.

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                                I second Aroma. Good wine, good food, nice digs.

                            2. I would recommend MetroCafe & Wine Bar. It's located on 21st btwn Park and Broadway. They offer a large selection of wines by the glass as well as flights of wine. There is a fun atmosphere and the staff is friendly and helpful. The food there is great too if you are also looking for a bite to eat.

                              1. Ara in the meatpacking district is very comfortable, non-trendy & very un-meatpacking district.

                                1. I second the two who were talking about Grape and Grain, but I also like In Vino on 4th b/w A & B, definitely low key

                                  1. Grape & Grain in the EV