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Mar 22, 2007 08:32 PM

Current Indian Faves (Saturday Evening)

What is going on with Indian restaurants in San Diego? A year ago I posed the same question and got a good response; we wound up at Indian Princess in Hillcrest. At the time the IP location in San Marcos got even better recommends than Hillcrest - is that still true?
We live in Solana Beach/Cardiff and are willing to go downtown although San Marcos is a bit easier. Please advise

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  1. What was your opinion of IP?

    People are going to reccomend you visit the Indian Shopping cnter off Black Mtn.

    1. I've had good meals at India Princess in San Marcos. It depends on what you order. The vegetarian items, IMO, tend to be better than the meat dishes. If you go on Sunday for buffet, they sometimes have some unusual items. I recall seeing these large white dumplings made from lentil flour (I think that's what he said), and dressed with a tangy, cool yogurt sauce. I loved them.