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Mar 22, 2007 08:31 PM

Recs for Fullerton Area Restaurants

I'm having a wedding reception in my hometown of Fullerton. (Eloping to Venice first) I am trying to come up with a list of restaurants for out-of-town guests. The problem is that I have been living in San Francisco for the last 12 years. I admit that I am somewhat of a food snob and haven't had very good food in Fullerton in years. Of course, I have my favorite spots (Taqueria DeAnda, Alicia's, Angelo & Vinci's, Mongolian BBQ, and others that I go to for mostly nostalgic reasons) but I usually eat at home with the family. Anyway, I'd appreciate your recommendations. It would be great if you would share your favorites in any of these categories: family restaurant, fast food (not large chain), Asian, steak, hamburger, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, breakfast, brunch. And whatever else you can think of. My guests wil appreciate it and so will I since I won't have to be stuck in the same food rut every time I visit. Thanks!

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  1. \ Ma's Chinese-Islamic in Anaheim. Think that's Fullerton adjacent (but my sense of geography does suck a bit). Anyway, you can find a great review of Ma's by doing a search on this board. We had a fab meal there -- delicious w/ v. large portions -- one order of chowmein and one order of scallion sesami bread fed two adults and two minikins -- with enough sesami-scallion bread left over for two days of left-overs.

    To be aware of -- I hear they turn away people in shorts sometimes deeming this to be immodest attire -- something to take into consideration...

    1. My two recs are: Table 10 for good standard fare and Anita's, agreat hole in the wall style mexican food joint- best table salsa EVER.

      1. Oh and there's a Knollwood for burgers and Mulberry St. for Italian (although I haven't eaten there in a LONG time so it might not be as good as I remember it being.)

        1. Cafe Hidalgo, but watch out for the lethally salty "cumin vinaigrette" on the salads... get something else instead. A great list of wines by the glass.

          Definitely Table 10.

          Spadra isn't bad for Italian... not the best Italian in the world but perfectly serviceable.

          I like Anita's for "New Mexico style" Mexican food.

          Rutabegorz for kind of hippie-ish salads, wraps, soups. It's a sit-down place, the folks are really nice and the food is surprisingly tasty.

          Viet: there's not a lot up there. There's a Pho 88 on Lemon near Orangefair and a Lee's Sandwiches on Orangethorpe and Harbor.

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            When I lived in Yorba Linda, Rutabegorz was my #1 favorite. They have a coffee drink called a Yucatan with banana in it, and it's delicious. They've got a ton of veggie options, and the atmosphere is pleasantly casual. It makes a goodspot for lunch with one other person, but maybe not as much for larger parties.

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              When did you go to Spadra? And how was the service? I went there for lunch last fall, ordered my food and I had to leave before it ever came (I waited an hour).

              1. re: OCAnn

                Last year sometime... we didn't notice any huge service lapses, but the service was "rough-edged" (you know, not being able to remember the specials, etc.).

                The food was good, if a bit salty.

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                  not recommended - due to recent negative experience. had a holiday party at spadra last december (~10 of us), the restaurant was empty except for us and they recommended their new york steak special. i ordered the ny steak medium rare, when it arrived, it looked nicely grilled with some charring, cut into it and it was stinkin raw - purple raw. asked the waiter to have it cooked to order (med rare) and they nuked it and brought it back a couple minutes later and it was cooked throughout. same thing happened to two others at the table. not recommended.

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                    Well, here's my write-up on Spadra:

                    I never got a response from the restaurant.

              2. Hidalgo isn't bad I think. It's a tough place to find non chain restaurants perhaps.

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                  Fullerton's Restaurant Row is all about non-chain restaurants.

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                    Funny, I've never had a problem... once you get outside of downtown Fullerton, yes, you might have a problem, but there are a LOT of tasty restaurants in Fullerton.

                    I really like the chiles rellenos at Rockin' Taco Cantina. Am I allowed to admit that?

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                      I agree with OCAnn--there are lots of independently owned restaurants in downtown Fullerton area--I think the Chamber of Commerce says there are over 50. I agree with a lot of the excellent recommendations folks have been making and I will also suggest The Rail on Commonwealth. It had sort of fallen onto hard times but the owner has brought in a new chef and they are really trying. The burgers are excellent as are many of the "new:" menu items.