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Mar 22, 2007 08:03 PM

Ed's lobster on Lafayette St

We went tonight with high expectations-- we are huge Mary's/Pearl fans. Sooooo disappointing. Soggy ceasar. Good fried oysters, small portion. Whole grilled fish (daurade) TINY compared to Mary's-- off taste, kind of refrigertate-y. and under cooked (transluscent bloody flesh). Sigh....

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  1. I completely agree. I went there on Wednesday night. It was packed, and we waited 45 minutes. When we get seated, thay announce that they are out of lobster rolls, which was a bummer because that's exactly what we'd gone there for. We order steamers and fried oysters. The fried oysters were good, but the steamers were so gritty that eating them was really not a pleasant experience. Then we ordered the Lobster pot pie, which was more like a dough-covered soup. It was excessively rich, but had very little actual lobster in it. Kind of gross, to tell you the truth. I was very disapponted and won't be going back.

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      1. Went on sunday for lunch, eh, not sure I would rush to go back. Caesar salad had very little in the way of taste, a caesar should be zesty, and a few of the lettuce pieces had brown edges, a big no no. After much explanation for how they make the lobster fennel broth for the mussels, it tasted like neither, it just tasted like mussel broth and it needed salt or something, it also didn't come with the promised bread. A clam roll featured 4 fried steamers perched on a greasy flattened hot dog roll which made them look like they were riding a skate board. It was impossible to eat like a sandwich. The fries were soggy. On the plus side, the beer was ice cold and the staff nice. I saw the lobster rolls coming out of the kitchen, they didn't look very packed to me.