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Mar 22, 2007 07:48 PM

Suggestions near 14th and 1st

Going to a charity event tommorrow night at 14th and 1st. Looking to grab a quick but tasty meal early, around 6pm. Suggestions?

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  1. Not sure your tastes, but....

    Since you're early, you could sneak into Hearth (pricey) at 12th and 1st. Across 1st and a few doors down 12th is Una Pizza Napoletana, for your high-end pizza needs. Next to that is Resto Leon, a French bistro place that is really good for the price.

    But my ultimate recommendation would of course be Momofuku Ssam at 13th and 2nd. At 6pm you could slide in and be just in time for the dinner menu.

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      Have heard too many conficting things about UPN and my wife didn't feel like hitting MSB so we went to Resto Leon. It was early so we were only one of two or three diners. I had Lamb CousCous and my wife had a skillet steak. Both were good and we liked the atmosphere. I good local choice. Thanks.

    2. Momofuku Ssam Bar, quick and insanely tasty, begins its full dinner menu at 6pm. They're on 13th and 2nd. I've gone there at six before to find plenty of seating, but expect it to be full by 6:45 or so.

      1. If you like vegetarian Curly's on 14th bt 1st and 2nd is great. Cute spot, cheap.

        1. It's not as close as the other listings, but it's on 9th street between 1st Ave and Avenue A, it's called I Coppi. A friend of mine went there last week, said it was extremely good. It was quiet, quick, very filling, and very good, he regrets being on meds, said the wine menu was very impressive and that the roast boar was amazing.