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Mar 22, 2007 07:44 PM

breakfast place in central NJ?

Looking for a place for breakfast especially one
that makes fresh pancakes and waffles with real fruit not like the stuff from IHOP.

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  1. The Turning Point is a NJ-only mini-chain that serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Acc. to their website, they have locations in four central NJ towns. I've never tried it, but I've read some positive reports about the food on another food forum. The menu appears to have what you are looking for.

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      I've been to the Turning Point in Holmdel many times. While not outstanding, I find the sandwiches, soup, salads to be consistently good and fresh. They have some nice items, like loose tea served in pots. I have never had the pancakes. The staff is always nice. All in all, it's a good place for a good, relaxing meal. You can check the menu on the web site.
      The Holmdel location is very popular. If you go, expect to wait for a table. They don't take reservations.

    2. What part of central NJ?

      1. Central Jersey is a pretty big place so if you could be more specific about location it would help. The Turning Point locations are all in the eastern section.

        I actually had some good pancakes at the IHOP on Parsonage Road in Edison. The trick was to go when they weren't busy (I would stop on the way to work, well before the rush which seemed to start around 8 AM). I did notice that if I showed up later, or on a weekend, the pancakes were not that great. I guess the cook didn't work well under stress!

        1. Perkins in Freehold on route 9- get the omelet and pancakes special- it's great.

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            i personally didnt like the atmosphere but people rave about Le Peep in the Wick Plaza on Rt 1 South in Edison.

          2. We love the Canyon Creek Grill for breakfast. It's in Kingwood, on Rt. 12. Really great waffles.

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              Jersey is pretty lacking when it comes to breakfast places. Most people "settle" for diners. Otherwise, I would have to agree with the above posters that Le Peep and Turning Point are two of the best choices in Central Jersey. A little bit north but worth the trip IMHO is the Original Pancake House in West Caldwell. Also, although not a breakfast place per se, the best breakfast I have ever had in NJ was the sunday brunch at the Short Hills Hilton. Food for thought. Good Luck.

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                If that brunch was in The Dining Room at the Hilton, note that the restaurant has closed. The Terrace Room remains open.

                Your mention of Short Hills reminded me that not far from there, in Maplewood, is Verjus, a French restaurant with very good food. We've only been there for dinner, but they do serve Sunday brunch. It's a $20 prix-fixe, and the menu includes French toast with fresh fruit and a caramelized apple pancake. Service is friendly and the decor is very attractive.


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                  RGR - I read about the Dining Room on restaurant forum. What a shame. As far as the bruch is concerned, it was in the Terrace Room. Thanks for the info anyway. Verjus sounds interesting. I'll add it to my list.