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Mar 22, 2007 07:43 PM

Very cheap eats (non-Chinese / Vietnamese, please!)

I have a friend who is currently between jobs and would like to go out for dinner next Monday. Right now she has very little money, so I'm trying to find a place that's cheap, tasty, and has some good vegetarian entrees (for her). Any suggestions? I can't eat MSG, so virtually all of Chinatown is out and pretty much any Vietnamese restaurants are out, unfortunately.

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    jean's thai kitchen

    many have commented on these on this board....very cozy, veggie options

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      While I've found myself to be not a huge fan of Ethiopian food in the past, I was eager to give it a try in Toronto (my only other experiences were in Ottawa) and so we opted for Ethiopian House. The food was lovely, and we both very much enjoyed it! Despite the fact that only a few tables were occupied, the service was abysmally bad: I had to chase down the waitress to ask for more water and she brought the bill to our table and wordlessly thrust it at us without even asking if we wanted anything else. Given the price, we were able to laugh it off and in the end, we both wholeheartedly agreed that we would return. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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          Lahore tikka House...good pakistani food at a good price

          Govinda's (243 Avenue Road, at Roxborough)...prepared by the folks at this Hare Krishna temple...technically you could pay nothing, but the suggesed donation is $7-$10 for an entire veggie meal (the donation is tax deductible too)

          Country Style Hungarian Restaurant at 450 bloor's mostly meat here, but they do some nice soups (lenil is pretty good) and your friend could also probably order some salads (beet, mixed greens, etc.)

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            Do you know if they use MSG? I would love to try it if they don't.

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              Hehe... that kinda contradicts the "non-Chinese" criteria. However, MD does NOT use MSG though!!

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                Ooooh... really? That's excellent! Their website had me ravenous and I would love to go try them!

            2. The New Bilan. Spectacular and CHEAP Somali.

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                Hmmm... I'm absolutely intrigued, having never tried Somalian food before. Is there a decent vegetarian selection for my friend? Most of the online reviews I saw talk about meaty stews, which is great for me but not so much for her.

                1. re: vorpal

                  Yes, Somali food is very vegetarian friendly. I remember having a great vegetarian platter at this one place that used to exist on Sherbourne. Basically, lots of different things on a large flat piece of Somali bread.

              2. If you can wait until Tuesday, and like Indian vegetarian, Narula's (Ashdale, just off Gerrard in Little India, opposite the library) has a Toonie Tuesday deal. For $2.75 plus tax you can get a delicious crispy Dosa. That's all I ever have there so I can't comment of their other offerings, but people seem to like their Thali. The place is VERY basic though, and a bit grotty to be frank, so if you want better surroundings the Udipi Palace a few paces East on Gerrard might fit the bill - all Veg and both places probably don't use MSG - it doesn't feature in Indian cooking.

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