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Looking for resturant with bar area and good food

I am traveling to NYC and am looking for place to have an early dinner with a group of people that will be arriving at different times. I was hoping for suggestins of a resturant with a large bar area with excellent bar food.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Great, would love to help...what part of town are you staying in/what hotel? What kind of food are you thinking/what cuisines sound good?

    1. I would suggest Otto. Not the greatest food in the city, but fun lively atmosphere that has a large bar area.

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          2nd... may be what you are looking for

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            I'm a big spotted pig fan, but unless you get there at 5:30 it can be really tough to get seats at the bar. I've gotten there at 6 before, thinking I'd beat the crowds, and arrived to a packed restaurant.

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              true. but there is upstairs and downstairs....

        2. Village, on West 9th street, has a large bar area and a great variety of food. I've used it for similar gatherings to yours many times. And it is a little less crazy most of the time than Otto and the Spotted Pig, where it can be very difficult to find space most nights.


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          1. I think with people arriving at different times, you might have difficulty in places like the Spotted Pig and Otto. What about Rare Bar & Grill on Lexington and 37th/38th, in the Shelburne Hotel? If it's a nice evening you can enjoy the roof patio.

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              Rare is great! Nice choice, Ballulah.

            2. odeon has a fair sized bar area and some bar table seating in addition to the counter. fairly convenient if you'll be down near the tribeca / financial district.

              1. City Hall has a nice bar area...

                1. i would recommend Bolo. the times i have gone, the bar is usually available. they serve all sorts of small plates.

                  but maybe you were thinking of more "all-american" bar/pub food?

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                    craft steak
                    en japanese brasserie
                    both come to mind