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Mar 22, 2007 07:16 PM

Bouchon-Service any better?

We have reso at Pilar but one in our party wants to consider Bouchon-I have read mixed reviews about service and tight seating. Comments?

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  1. Over:

    Love Bouchon. But, recommend you go for lunch and not the hectic dinner.

    Last week, had lunch for 3 outside under the awning: oysters, mussels, lamb sandwich, salad with beef tongue, chicken, side of fries, chablis for all. Wonderful!

    Save dinner for Ad Hoc down the street -- relaxed, family style, fun, delicious.

    Bouchon for lunch -- it's great.

    1. Our service was remarkably good! We had a catatrophe - tight table + too much wine = whole table flipped over when I went to bathroom! The servers were so gracious and rapid, we hardly knew anything had happened. All of our glasses of wine, red and white, and water (6 glasses in all) were replaced instantaneously. Fortunately no food had been on the table . . .

      1. We tried to eat there, they tried to be helpful, but good intentions aside they ultimately steered us very wrong re: reservation information, opening times, etc. We wound up at Mustards, which was excellent.

        1. Pilar has received many excellent reviews on this board but it suffers from the same
          "tight seating" as Bouchon. I much prefer the environment (both the interior of the restaurant and Yountville) to the environment (city of Napa) of Pilar. Please use the search window
          as they are many many reviews of both spots on this board. I adore sitting at the bar at
          Bouchon and dining, and the raw bar specialties are quite good. The wine list is terrific there, too. Enjoy your dinner.

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          1. re: maria lorraine

            Have never had bad service at Bouchon. It can be a bit pretentious in terms of service, ironically more so than French Laundry, which I found to be quite friendly. And the menu is always stellar at Bouchon.

          2. I gave Bouchon 3 chances.. never had good service.

            I would highly recommend Bistro Jeanty instead.