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Mar 22, 2007 06:50 PM

Favorite cicchetti bars in Venice?

I'll be there in a few short days and cicchetti bars seem like a great way to get some decent food in Venice without spending a fortune. I've been hearing horror stories about the poor food forever except when it comes to cicchetti.

What have been your favorite places and why. Unfortunately I only have three nights but want to make the best of it.


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  1. La Cantina on Strada Nova in Cannaregio, fresh imaginative stuff along with traditional style. Can be pricy i fyou let them tempt you into a lot of seafood.

    Do Mori- very traditional and good. I stick to the cheap wines rathre then the 5 or 6 hyped wines shown on the chalboard. Try the Musetto e Fasoi (pork parts sausage and beans). Best Fragloino (fizzy sweet dessert wine) I've had.

    La Frasca - I like it as a restaurant but they do cicchetti beteen meals.

    Bancogiro- especially good meats and cheeses

    Bar LaMarca across from Banco Giro- superb little sandwiches and other stuff, great wines.

    Gli Schiavoni over by the Accademia. Old fashioned. Cheap! Good.

    Alle Vedova by Santa Sophia- great fried squid, shrimp & little fish.

    Da Pinto in the Campo della Beccarie.

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      Thanks so much! Your list is packed in my bag and ready to head out the door in a few short hours. I will be sure to check out as many as I can.