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Mar 22, 2007 05:57 PM

Angeli Caffe or Cube?

going out with a friend Saturday night and we're debating between Angeli Caffe and Cube? i know angelini osteria and others would be better but we want to try something new (for us). Anyone like Angeli or Cube? thanks!

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  1. I think it kind of depends what kind of experience you're looking for -- they both have their strengths. If you want a full menu with wine, a traditional Italian meal with first and second courses, etc., go to Angeli. If you want a snackier small plates kind of evening, maybe trying some different cheeses and charcuterie and a pizza or salad, go to Cube, but you'll have to bring your own wine. Personally I would go to Angeli unless I was really trying to keep the cost down or just wanted a quick bite.

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      thanks!! (and loved your bobby flay throwdown report)

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        You'd hardly be keeping the cost down at Cube if you went for charcuterie and cheese! It's rather pricey (search for other reviews). And it seems a pain to have to BYOB just for tapas... They do have pasta, pizza and salad, as mentioned, but they're unremarkable... for that you should go to Angeli anyway. Personally, if I were planning a real dinner with friends, of the two I'd choose Angeli. Not like I'd never go back to Cube... but since it's nearby I'd be more inclined to treat it as a deli.

        1. I haven't been to Cube, but I like Angeli Caffe a fair amount. Good stuff.

          1. At Angeli this past Friday night and it was solid! The fresh baked bread with the buttery olive oil is reason enough to eat there.

            We started with the trendy roasted beet and burrata salad; fresh, ultra-creamy burrata with the sweet beets, perfect.

            Also, had a half-order of the gnochetti. These were literally like soft, feather-weight pillows in texture. Made from ricotta and spinach and finsihed with a brown butter/sage sauce and a dash of parmesan. Incredible.

            For entrees, we had the roast chicken and the vegetarian lasagna. The chicken was very moist i.e falling off the bone and the lasagna was great although I would not have ordered the vege version. Only criticism I have was the accompanying vegetables that came with my chicken were drenched in oil.

            Dessert was the chocolate chunk bread pudding; obviously, this was tasty although it was a little more firm than typical bread puddings.

            The wine list is small, but includes savvy selections and the prices are unbelievable with minimal mark-up.