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Mar 22, 2007 05:46 PM

Rhubarb at farmer's markets?

I've never seen rhubarb at the farmer's markets -- does anyone know if it's available at the Wed. SM or Sun. Hollywood markets? Or Irvine, though I doubt it.

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  1. I've never seen it at the Hollywood Market. I'm not sure they grow it in So. California. I think it needs a cool/cold climate.

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      that is a weird one. i've never seen it at farmers markets, either. but it can't be climactic--my next door neighbor grows it.

    2. Haven't seen it at farmer's markets, but I did see it once at Whole Foods. My aunt used to grow it back East and I remember it being around June when it started to be available. I would think Whole Foods would be able to tell you if it's seasonal and if there's a local supplier.

      1. I saw some at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market this past weekend so it's out there...not sure if the same stand goes to the Hollywood market or not.

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          I've bought it at the Santa Monica Saturday market a few times, at the west end, buy the flowers and citrus samples. I've found it not as tangy as I'm used to from home-grown stuff in the midwest, so I cut way back on the sugar suggested in rhubarb pie recipes.

        2. Not in your area, but the herb lady at Pasadena High School's Saturday morning FM has it when it is in season. I looked 2 weeks ago and did not see it, but recall seeing it a few months ago. I will check tomorrow and ask her since I want to make some jam!

          1. I see it at odd times of the year at the Studio City market -- I saw some in September and was totally puzzled. It's carried by one of the avocado vendors.

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              I always see it at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market--that being said I get there at 8am and most of the chefs buy it up. If you get there late (late being 9am!) it's gone. Definatly check with the citrus farmers--usually the ones that also carry juice seem to have rhubarb. And I would ask different farmers if they have it--if they're out they'll write your name down and save you some the next week. :)