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Looking for a place to eat in the parks or at Downtown Disney (or even Anaheim). Must be schoolage kid and grandparent friendly but also good food (a tall order, I know).

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  1. Inside the parks....

    The corn dogs are pretty famous:

    Redd Rockett's Pizza has good salads and pasta.

    The chili/chowder in the bread bowls, available at numerous locations, both parks, are pretty good.

    The turkey leg is a tasty treat.

    Taste Pilot has filling combos, with burgers, chicken sandwiches and ribs.

    In DTD, Rainforest has family chain food with an amazing atmosphere.

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        Third it. It's the only thing worth the cost in the entire park. =)

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              Smoked Turkey Leg and Dole Whip!

    1. The Blue Bayou has the nicest atmosphere and the best food in the park. You can make a reservation as soon as the park opens (Disney Dining at (714) 781-DINE), or try your luck walking in later.

      Or you can make a meal of those corndogs at CA Adventure (Corn Dog Castle) or get them at the cart by the Plaza Inn. They are amazing.

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        Cafe Orleans is now a sit down restaurant with the Monte Cristos and some of the other items featured on Blue Bayou's menu. BB is a better value at lunch, and beware of HUGE portion size, especially at dinner.

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          I had some kind of chocolate mousse cake there. It was shaped like a coffin and had jack skellington on it. This was several years ago now and it might have been rasberry chocolate mousse. I wish I could remember it more clearly but I remember it being one of the best desserts I'd ever eaten in my life.

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            They were also doing a Mickey MOUSSE cake, with a brownie or choc cookie base, mousse, raspberry filling and chocolate coating, with two choc coins for mouse ears. I agree, one of their best desserts. I'm also fond of the apple pie that is available in a few places esp around NO square, with pecans and caramel sauce. Apple slices are still crunchy and tart, as good as homemade, at least anything that could be made around MY house.

        2. My family has always loved the clam chowder bowls in the park(s). Our favorite was the little counter next to the Pirates of the Caribbean line and Haunted Mansion. There was a small seating area so you could enjoy your chowder while parkgoers drooled from their neverending wait in line.
          I believe that counter is closed now but the restaurant across the path has the clam chowder bowls. I've also had chowder bowls at California Adventure in, I believe, the little restaurant by the sourdough bread place?

          1. The sandwiches at the labrea bakery shop just outside the gates in downtown disney are pretty good. And you don't even feel like you just shelled out a paycheck for a soggy burger and fries, lets call it "Disneyland Value."

            Blue Bayou is the one inside Pirates of the Caribbean? I've always wanted to eat at that one.

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              Yes, it is. You should try it, at least once. As someone here said, ask if you can get a seat at the water's edge - you can then see the "old man in the rocking chair" and wave at the people going by in the boats!! : )

            2. if you don't mind hopping over to one of the resorts (there's a re-entry/handstamp way in thru both the Wilderness area of DCA & from Downtown Disney) over to the Grand Californian, I really liked Storytellers Cafe. They take reservations, have a reasonably priced <for Disney> buffet and is an overall nice place. Oh, and the rest of the menu is pretty good too.

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                Yes Storyteller's Cafe can be good, although sometimes it is completely booked and you need a reservation. There's also casual WhiteWater Snacks hidden near the pool, which is rarely busy and does nice grilled chicken sandwiches, breakfasts, etc.

              2. Inspired by a posting Ubergeek we went to Ma's Chinese-Islamic in Anaheim -- v. short drive from Disneyland. Delicious meal and v. large portions -- one order of chowmein and one order of scallion sesami bread fed two adults and two minikins -- with enough sesami-scallion bread left over for two days of left-overs. If grandparents and kids are okay with Chinese they would be comfortable here.

                -- oh yeah, except I hear they turn away people in shorts sometimes deeming this to be immodest attire -- something to take into consideration...

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                  Disney food! - I would pack sammys from your favorite shop and store in a cooler. When you're ready for lunch, make the trek back to the car and picnic. Sounds like a hassle but, is Disney food is such a waste.(Unless you choose to go to DTD, which has some redemption). You can take the monorail to DTD a fun ride in the day. Save the money for snacks, treats and souveniors. Even been to Rainforest - fun for snacks or dessert but NOT a meal. Went to DTD as a day trip with Hubby and munchkin, ate at Rainforest, Princess was served 6 dino chicken nuggets w/fries. 8 -10$ !!! You know the kind -I see them at Ralphs. I ordered a chicken caesar. When that finally came, there was no chicken on the salad! OMG what an ordeal. All after waiting an hour, AT OUR TABLE!!!! Bring a picnic and there's no stress! KQ

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                    At the Plaza Inn, the kids chicken meal is $5.99 and is choice of baked or fried chicken leg, with mashed potatoes, green beans, seasonal fruit, and choice of milk, chocolate milk, juice or small bottled water. The adult Broasted Chicken meal ($12.99) is enough for two people (three LARGE pieces of broasted chicken with sides). If you chose carefully, Disney food can be pretty good and not necessarily expensive. And you don't have to be a kid to order a kid's meal, I've been meaning to try the PB&J Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans. The drinks, of course are another story, bring your own bottled water! BTW there is a good website with updated Disney menus: http://allearsnet.com/dlr/din/menu/me...

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                      mlgb -

                      Thanks for this 'cause I know we'll have another visit to Disney this summer. Maybe I won't have to pack our meals this time. :)KQ

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                    OMG Mas is the best! I love their sesame bread. i always have leftovers for a couple days, too!

                  3. I think I have eaten at just about every restaurant in the parks, in Downtown Disney and at the hotels. I would say just about everything is not bad at the Disney Resort. I will say however, unless you want to wait in a long line in many of the restaurants, you better make reservations by calling Disney Dine. My families personal favorites are the Carnation Cafe on Main Street (pot pies and sandwiches), the Vineyard Room in California Adventure (expensive but good food and they give kids a great entertaining booklet) and Hooks Point at the Disneyland Hotel. All three of these seem to be less crowded than most other places, probably because of the cost and the fact that they are a little hidden compared to other places to eat.

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                      Those are all really good choices too. Hook's Point is a sleeper. Not much in the way of decor and a bit far away from the theme parks, but usually not crowded and decent value. Carnation Cafe however is often really busy, but you can reserve thru Disney Dine.

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                        love the corndog in calif adv also like bangles bbq by jungle cruise.
                        do they still have that giant turkey legs?

                    2. Within the parks: during "season" there are great nachos at the Mission Tortilla Factory; fried chicken (ask for fresh product) at Plaza Inn; corn dogs at the cart; Dole Whips at the Enchanted Tiki Room (iiiiiiiiiiiin theeeeeeeee tikitikitikitikitiki room...). The barbecue in Adventureland isn't going to win any awards but it's among the tastier options at the park. Redd Rockett's in Tomorrowland is also a safe bet -- the "pizza salad" is quite tasty. A tip: if you buy the kids Mickey ice cream bars, let them warm up for 5 minutes before giving them to the kids... they're kept on dry ice and eager kids' tongues can sometimes stick to them if you don't.

                      DTD: La Brea, Ralph Brennan's, the pizza joint or even Tequila Jo's (just know it's combo-plate Mexican). I like the outdoor bar called Uva but possibly not kid-friendly... they have tasty small-plates.

                      In the immediate (within 10 minutes) environs:

                      Carolina's, Chapman and West, Garden Grove -- stick to red sauce Italian and you'll have a great time. They serve spumoni for dessert even if you don't order dessert, so the kids can get their ice cream fix.

                      Angelo's, State College and Santa Ana St, Anaheim -- carhop type burger joint with waitresses on skates. Incredibly cheap beer for after the park's craziness.

                      Jagerhaus, Ball and the 57, Anaheim -- German food, terrific.

                      Mas' Islamic Chinese, Orangethorpe near East St, Anaheim -- Islamic Chinese, get thin scallion bread no matter what else you order.

                      Marri's Pizza, Katella and West(ish), Anaheim -- mmmmm, tasty, especially given its Scary Touristy Locale.

                      1. wah. where was this thread last week, when i found myself at the happiest place on earth? lol. ended up going to brennan's in DTD... not bad, nice vibe.

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                          most of the places at downtown disney are decent....catal, brennan's, tortilla joe....
                          never been to espn or rainforest there....whith no kids...no reason to :)

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                            We don't have kids either, but my sister and I had a drink once in the Rainforest bar. It was fun, just to check it out.

                        2. Was at Disneyland yesterday. The corn dog cart on Main Street still serves up a nice, big, fat, dripping behemoth of a thing - very enjoyable. But still my fave Disney snack is the Safari Skewer at the Bengal BBQ. Grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon on a stick. If they weren't almost $4 a pop, I would eat them all day. I did have an iced mocha from that coffee place on Main in the morn. Tasted like a chocolate milk that had a shot of espresso waved over it. What they next is "Peets presents Ye Olde Koffee Klatch" or something of that ilk and give me some joe that have me doing laps around the Magic Kingdom.