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Mar 22, 2007 03:47 PM

Best Ginger cream brulee is San Francisco

Where is it? I remember going to a restaurant near Bush & Grant perhaps but cant remember the name. Help....

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  1. Some hounds have reported a good ginger creme brulee is on offer at Soizic in Oakland.

    1. I wonder if you are referring to Café de la Presse near Bush and Grant, now owned by the Aqua group. Many French desserts are on the menu currently, but not ginger crème brulée.
      More info, including links to menus at

      I second grishnackh’s rec of Soizic’s ginger custard. Not in San Francisco, though.
      Plagiarizing myself:
      Soizic’s ginger custard ($6.50) is, simply, an extremely fine crème brûlée-style French custard: rich, thick, full of cream and eggs, but with the snappy zing of fresh ginger. Each bite registers the interplay of the creamy with the spicy, and the custard’s flavor seems to command that you eat it slowly, perhaps so you fully appreciate it. The chef of Soizic, Sanju Dong, pairs the custard with a couple of plain almond cookies that aren’t at the level of the custard but still adequate. She also makes a standout pecan tart ($6.50), whose sweetness is tamed by white pepper ice cream. White pepper ice cream? It works: The initial creaminess of the ice cream gives way to the heat of white pepper at the back of the mouth.

      Soizic, 300 Broadway (entrance on Third Street), (510) 251-8100,