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Mar 22, 2007 03:36 PM

Rice crispies -- please advise

Thinking of adding rice cripies to Kitchen Queen's delicious-sounding peanutbutter treat recipe (thanks KQ).

Recipe involves mixing peanut butter, confectioners' sugar, grahan cracker crumbs and butter together. Wondering about mixing the rice crispies in somewhere during this part.
Next you form mixture into balls and chil. Once chilled you dip the little suckers in melted chocolate and let set.

My thought in adding the rice crispies is that they might add a nice texture/lightness to this sinful concoction. My concern is that the crispies might get soggy and ruin it.

Has anyone tried anything like this? Red light? Green light? Any other warnings/insights/etc?

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  1. I think that as long as you aren't mixing the rice crispies with melted butter alone, you should be fine. Good luck with your meatballs! Please post pictures of your final product!

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      Thanks for the advice and good wishes. Have done the first part -- w/out rice crispies as mixture ended up holding together just right and didn't want to mess with it. If I can figure out the technology, will absolutely post photos.

    2. Add the Rice Krispies at the very end and lightly mix so you don't "mush" them up. If you think the "batter" is too dry then add few melted marshmallows - Or, roll the r.k. after the ball is made and dipped in chocolate. I would also consider adding to the Krispies,on the outside, MINI chocolate chips. Extra texture...Then when you're done, throw a few my way!!! Have fun and thanks for taking my suggestion. Makes me smile! KQ :)

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      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        Thank you for the yummy (and also very evil) recipe. Have only made the peanut butter part so far, BB2 already a fan. Tonight will do the dipping in chocolate part -- taking your suggestion to roll in rice crispies for extra texture. And so the chocolate meatball adventure continues...

        1. re: bite bite

          If you haven't done the rice krispies part yet, you could use Envirokids chocolate rice krispies that are also whole grain (and kid yourself that it's actually a healthy chocolate meatball). Not for the health reason, actually, but because it'll add more chocolate flavor.

          1. re: chowser

            Great suggestion -- had Mr. Bite-Bite get some last night and they worked great. Thanks.

      2. I know this is random but I recently melted down some gourmet chocolate marshmallows I got from Williams-Sonoma and mixed them in with Choco Crispies. It was a nice variation on the usual. Same tasty treats but with a heavenly dose of chocolate.

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        1. re: VirgoBlue

          YUM! I may have to go get them for the fondue I'll have at Passover! Chocolate marshmallows dipped in chocolate, then say rolled in pecans ??? How bad can that be???

        2. Every Christmas I make this exact thing, with Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies, not graham crackers. They are so light that everyone eats them up way too quickly.