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Mar 22, 2007 03:17 PM

Yonkers raceway restaurant

I have to go to dinner at the Empire Terrace restaurant at the yonkers raceway Sat nite. I would never have chosen it myself but have to go with the flow! Has anyone been? I dont have high hopes but I would like to know what to expect. Like maybe I should eat first!!!

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  1. my brother went with my parents as a "hoot" for mymother's bday on a monday to do the slots and watch the races(gimicky, and fun, i guess)
    they didn't expect anything but inedible food. they said that it was edible but nothing they would ever have eaten if it weren't for the fun activities at the raceway. they all said that it was a fun nite and that they would go back. they started 10.00 and went home with 15 from the slots. my mom thought that was a great win!

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      Thanks for the response yeshana. I'm figuring we are going there for the same reasons. I hope I get lucky with the slots too!!

    2. I have never bet on the horses & couldn't tell the difference between an exacta & a beta max, but I had a blast dining at the Empire Terrace. There were 200 people on a Sat dining as well & every few minutes when there was a race, the place went nuts while the horses trotted towards the finish line - definitely worth the trip! The rib app was good (BBQ sauce could have a bit more of a kick, personally) & the seafood bisque was excellent. I ordered the 1/2 chicken for dinner & I'd return for it. Be careful with dessert - 2 of the biggest scoops of ice cream I've ever seen (for the Chef's out there I think they used 14oz scoops!) menu said 3 scoops so maybe they made up for the quantity of scoops with size? Service was good & the Mgr was perfect with his wine knowledge & recommendations (new guy...) So give it a shot & good luck!