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Mar 22, 2007 03:13 PM

Re-heating frozen cornbread?

I made cornbread a couple of weeks ago and stuck half of it in the freezer. I want to have it tonight with gumbo. It is now defrosted, and tastes fine, but I prefer my cornbread warm. Will it survive if I put it in the oven for ten minutes, or will it go dry?


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  1. I think I would sprinkle it with a bit of water and wrap well in foil to reheat so it stems a bit and does not dry out.

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    1. re: Candy

      Same concept in the microwave- wrap bread in moistened paper towel and nuke for a few seconds. Course if you want crispy edges, the oven or toaster oven would be better. I do not de-frost first.

    2. I will lay it on a cake rack above whatever I'm cooking on the cooktop and put a bowl or pan inverted over it.
      Basicly I'm steaming it gently.

      If it got too dryin the freezer for this to work, turn it into stuffing.

      1. Make your own steamer,

        Add a small amout of water to a covered casserole or an over-turned bowl on a plate
        -nuke for 10 -30 secs, depending on amnt of water and your micro
        -put c/b in dish or on plate nuke 20-30 secs more depending on portion and micro

        you want the steam before adding c/b or yoit can get over done.