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Mar 22, 2007 03:00 PM

Dark Rum Recipes?

My bar just inherited 3 cases of Myer's Dark Rum...I need a drink special that satisfies the following criteria:

1) It uses Dark Rum

2) It Doesn't use anything that I don't already have in a well-stocked restaurant bar

3) It needs to be quick (nothing frozen)

4) It needs to taste good!

A good idea is "Dark and Stormy", but I'm already running it!

Our special coctails have a $10-12 price range, so it can't have gold leaf or shots of Louis XIII!

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Myers and pineapple is great. You could float a little cranberry on top and call it a Jamaican Sunset...

    1. Cranberry and OJ for a Bermuda Triangle ----

      1. I have been *wishing* someone would make Bermuda Rum Swizzles here in L.A. It's even in my profile.

        Basically involves dark rum, and juices lime, pineapple, orange. Plus something called falernum. Recipes and ingredients do vary. Here's DrinkBoy's:

        Falernum can be found locally at Surfa's in Culver City:

        If you want the *best* recipe, I'd try whatever it is they do at Flanagan's, the only Irish pub in Bermuda's main town. There's an e-mail addy and phone number for them listed here:

        While you're at it, get their french-fries recipe and ask what makes their air conditioning so wonderful. The Swizzles, the fries, the a/c and their Internet access sustained me and my geek husband through a honeymoon in Bermuda.


        PS: Some argue that falernum's not necessary. That link at Surfa's I included goes right to the product page so you can see the basic ingredients and see if something might be available already at your bar to substitute. (Falernum's only $5-7 though.) This Wikipedia entry on falernum suggests substitutes:

        If you do decide to do a Bermuda Rum Swizzle, please find some way to let me know the name of your bar!!

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        1. re: Cinnamon

          This sounds excellent, but goes against one of my main principles...I can't buy anything else that isn't already in my bar!

          It sounds intriguing enough for me to go to Surafas and at least make a batch, though...I will let you know if it makes it to my bar!

          1. re: Dave and Stuff

            Wikipedia mentioned:
            "Sometimes Grenadine or orgeat has been used as a substitute, but neither has the complexity and undertones of flavor of falernum."

            I say, if all else fails, forget the complexity and undertones, just do the drink!

          2. re: Cinnamon

            I borke down and ordered some falernum, so we are "this close" to having it at my bar.

            The recipes I find online seem to differ in one main respect...half say it's chilled and strained, "Martini-style" and the other half serve it over ice in a tall glass. The latter would be the way to go, I assume, but since you're the inspiration, I thought I'd defer to you.

            What say you?

            1. re: Dave and Stuff


              The husband and I can't remember if they had ice at the ones in Bermuda. They were definitely very cold and in tall thin (not huge) glasses. Definitely not martini-esque.

              I'd say defer to however you serve mai-tais, as they're a cousin. And if for no other reason than Bermuda is frigging hot (actually, it's the humidity, worse than my hometown Miami in my opinion), I'd vote for ice.

              Now, WHERE AND WHAT IS THIS BAR, if you don't mind my asking? (If you're uncomfortable mentioning it on the boards here because it might be construed as promotion, I have a blog link in my profile, you could leave the name of the bar as an anonymous comment by clicking on the "0 comments" link on one of the posts if you like.)

              The Bermuda rum swizzles seem to me to be not as sweet as a lot of the island drinks, just sheer beauty.

              1. re: Dave and Stuff

                Tried the rum swizzles at your bar - very nice!!! :)

              2. re: Cinnamon

                NO NOT Flanagans! The best is at Swizzle Inn or my house!

                Also try Goslings Black Seal Rum website for some really tasty drinks

                1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                  Ha ha ha. Well, I loved Flanagan's version, and they also had that Frigidaire kind of air conditioning, darkness, very nice french fries and Internet access.

                  Pray tell, how do YOU make them? I have a bottle of falernum in the cabinet that we haven't tried yet. I think we still have some Black Seal. I just got home with a fresh pineapple from the Mexican market also. Though at moment we're lounging about, trying things with a new bottle of cachaca... caipirinhas and that lesser drink, the mojito. Tonight I think we need to move up to swizzles.

                  (Indeed, Dave's restaurant/bar DID add the Bermuda Rum Swizzle to the menu. Nice job, Dave!)

                  By the way, it's so hard to find bartenders in California adept at making a Bermuda Rum Swizzle. I don't understand why it hasn't completely taken over like the inveterate mai tai.

                  1. re: Cinnamon

                    Flanagan's is OK, just the last time I went there the food was not up to par at all.

                    Just made a batch of Rum Swizzle last night...

                    1 Bottle Goslings Black Rum
                    1 C Goslings gold rum
                    1 Can OJ
                    1 Can Pineapple Juice
                    1 little of Gingerbeer (or gingerale)
                    We do not measure the falernum, we just go by taste
                    Orange slices and pineapple spears for garnish

                    1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                      Thanks. Was that 1 little 'dash' or 1 little 'barrel' of ginger beer? :D

                      1. re: Cinnamon

                        Ha-ha, sorry that is one liter! Brain overload lately or maybe just too much Black Seal Rum :)

              3. Amy's Tattoo

                1 1/2 oz. Dark Rum
                1 1/2 oz. Light Rum
                2 oz. Pineapple Juice
                2 oz. Orange Juice
                Splash Grenadine

                Serve in an ice-filled Highball glass
                or shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass

                1. A Dark 'n Stormy has to be made with Gosling's Black Seal Rum - don't attempt to pass off a Dark 'n Stormy with Myers!!!!!!!! People will get upset!

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                  1. re: rumfan

                    I make mine at home with a bottle of Bundaberg OP that an Ozzie pal brought me and bundaberg ginger beer. That OP is pretty rough, but does the job.