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Mar 22, 2007 02:24 PM

Affordable Brunch for 20+ for Baby Shower in NYC

I've scoured the Board for many suggestions and like the idea of high tea, however it seems like for about 20 people it will run close to $1000 (Alice's charges for room rental by the hour)...

I'm now considering brunch/lunch as an option if I could find a more affordable place, or great quality food for the same price (ie not just scones and sandwiches for $1K).

Any suggestions for anywhere in Manhatten. Good food is key. Private or semi-private space would be great. If I could bring my own cake that would be even better.
Places I have already checked with include Public, Cornelia St. Cafe, Palma, Frank, Stanton Social and Craftbar.

Thank you in Advance from a Philly CH trying to throw her NYC CH sister a baby shower!

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  1. though I have never been, i have heard some good things about the brunch and space at Cibo. on 2nd ave at about 40th street.

    1. The suggestion of Cibo (on the corner of 2nd & 41st) is a good one though I have to warn you that it is not in any way a hip place like Stanton Social or the less trendy Craftbar. It's a very nice, family-friendly neighborhood Italian with very good Tuscan/New American cuisine. The space is large -- two dining areas + a separate bar area -- and has attractive decor. For private parties, they give over one of the spaces entirely depending on the size of the guest list. They have lunch and brunch prix-fixes, so I'm sure they would work with you to put together something that will fit your budget.

      1. Check out Jane on W Houston. Their brunch is highly recommended on this board, and their private room holds 40.

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          I agree, Jane would be perfect. Also, in the W Hotel in the 30's is a restaurant Icon which has a private space and small garden.