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Affordable Brunch for 20+ for Baby Shower in NYC

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I've scoured the Board for many suggestions and like the idea of high tea, however it seems like for about 20 people it will run close to $1000 (Alice's charges for room rental by the hour)...

I'm now considering brunch/lunch as an option if I could find a more affordable place, or great quality food for the same price (ie not just scones and sandwiches for $1K).

Any suggestions for anywhere in Manhatten. Good food is key. Private or semi-private space would be great. If I could bring my own cake that would be even better.
Places I have already checked with include Public, Cornelia St. Cafe, Palma, Frank, Stanton Social and Craftbar.

Thank you in Advance from a Philly CH trying to throw her NYC CH sister a baby shower!

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  1. though I have never been, i have heard some good things about the brunch and space at Cibo. on 2nd ave at about 40th street.

    1. The suggestion of Cibo (on the corner of 2nd & 41st) is a good one though I have to warn you that it is not in any way a hip place like Stanton Social or the less trendy Craftbar. It's a very nice, family-friendly neighborhood Italian with very good Tuscan/New American cuisine. The space is large -- two dining areas + a separate bar area -- and has attractive decor. For private parties, they give over one of the spaces entirely depending on the size of the guest list. They have lunch and brunch prix-fixes, so I'm sure they would work with you to put together something that will fit your budget.


      1. Check out Jane on W Houston. Their brunch is highly recommended on this board, and their private room holds 40.

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          I agree, Jane would be perfect. Also, in the W Hotel in the 30's is a restaurant Icon which has a private space and small garden.